Jersey Shore Mystery: Why Do the “Grenades” Sign Waivers?

If you watch Jersey Shore, then you’re familiar with the term “grenade.”  Basically, it describes a fat, ugly chick.  The guys on the show (who sometimes refer to themselves as “M.V.P’ — for Mike, Vinny, Pauly), often bring home hot chicks to their house, and those hot chicks sometimes bring their girlfriends along, and those girlfriends are problematic “grenades.”   What’s curious is that anyone who appears on the show has to sign a waiver allowing MTV to put their face on camera.  So why would any girl in their right mind allow MTV to put their face on camera after the guys on the show lambaste their looks?  Here’s the answer.  The waiver allows MTV the right to use their footage, no matter what’s discussed.  Since these women aren’t aware of their “grenade” status when they sign the waiver, they must be pretty damn confident with their looks.  Note to self: If I ever get invited to the Jersey Shore house — DON’T SIGN THE WAIVER.

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