Lady Gaga Cries During HBO Special — Inauthentic and Disturbing?

When I think of Lady Gaga, the first word that comes to my mind is inauthentic. When I say this in public, it’s inevitable that someone chews my head off. Judging from the clip below, Lady Gaga would probably join in their rage. The reason I question her authenticity is because she started in the business under her real name, and she played clubs dressed as a normal person. When her career failed to launch, she got smart and developed a schtick. This schtick involves dressing up in an egg on the red carpet, and wearing frog costumes during interviews. Is that authentic or calculated? It’s okay to develop an image to gain success in the industry, but when you start as one thing and become another — don’t cry when others call you a phony. It comes with the territory. Furthermore, I find the clip below to be somewhat disturbing, as if she’s crying over nothing, and she’s surrounded by people that are arbitrarily appeasing her neurosis. If I were her friend, I might ask her if she’s seen a therapist lately (I’m actually not being sarcastic about that

Reveal Clip #1

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