Mariah Carey Reveals her Easter Egg Belly on Twitter — Over-sharing?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Twitter is a PR death-trap. While I think it’s a great opportunity to connect with fans, it’s also a great opportunity to ruin your image. Because there’s no middle-man (i.e. a publicist) to control celebrity tweets, stars reveal a damaging amount of information. So far my list of culprits include: LeAnn Rimes; John Cusack; Sarah Shahi; Teri Hatcher; and now — Mariah Carey. Carey recently posted a picture of her pregnant belly painted as an Easter egg, which is cute in theory, but inappropriate overall. Mariah Carey is a huge star, and the less private she becomes — the more she demeans her professional value.



External Resource: Let’s hope the sonogram technician, isn’t as quick to over-share.

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