Demi Lovato Shows Bikini Body on Twitter — Brave and Terrifying

I’ve been vocal about my aversion to unnecessary twitter revelations, but I’ll make an exception for Demi Lovato, who has been extremely vocal about her body image issues.  In fact, Lovato recently went to rehab for such issues, and apparently — the rehab worked.  Nothing says fully healed like showing the entire world what you look like in a bikini. Though I’ve never had an eating disorder myself, that doesn’t mean I don’t make a valiant attempt to walk out of every room backwards.  In fact, it’s a personal rule to only wear a bikini in foreign countries.  So Good job, Demi — can I get the name of your therapist? To see her rockin’ bikini body, click the link below.

Demi Lovato’s Bikini Body

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