Miranda Kerr Posts Breast-Feeding Picture — TMI?

Miranda Kerr croppedCan someone please explain to me what exactly goes through the mind of celebrities when they use twitter? If only there was a forty minute delay on their tweets so that they had more time to think. Miranda Kerr posted a picture of herself breast-feeding, calling it, “just another day at the office.” First, I’d like to remind celebrities that they have a duty to maintain their mystique, and bringing people too far into their private lives is a mistake. Second, I’m not one of those individuals that advocates breast-feeding in public. I find it uncomfortable, and unless there’s some kind of blanket covering a woman’s breast, it’s borderline inappropriate. And no — I’m not afraid of the backlash for saying so. Lastly, is Miranda Kerr some kind of freak of nature that can miraculously get back into shape seconds after giving birth? How is that possible?

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