Cameron Diaz Loves Sex — It’s Her Favorite Sport

For some reason Cameron Diaz loves to discuss her sex life with the press. That’s either because she’s desperate to perpetuate her hot-chick status, or because she thinks about sex 24 hours a day, and she’s unable to contain these thoughts during interviews. According to Cameron, “sex is her favorite sport,” it’s “the sexiest word in the English language,” and she’s “always in the mood.” If you ask me, Cameron Diaz sure seems easy to please. Personally, when I attempt to make these absolute proclamations, they usually go something like this, “yeah . . . I love sex at all times . . . except those times where the guy is horrible in bed.” Perhaps Cameron should share her Rolodex with the world.

3 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz Loves Sex — It’s Her Favorite Sport”

  1. I never found Cameron so sexy as I do now, I would do everything to add her to my physical spank bank.

      1. Sure banging queen Elizabeth, you do for the emotion, of being so close too so much wealth and power… banging Paris Hilton, you do for the same kind of thrill you would get from playing Russian Roulette. 

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