Paris Hilton Pissed at Barbara Walters — Was Babs Too Tough on Her?

Rumor has it that Paris Hilton was furious with her interview on The View because of Barbara Walters’ interrogation. Believe it or not, I actually side with Paris Hilton. If you watch the interview below, Barbara asked some very judgmental questions. She pointed out that Paris resented her community service and complained that she didn’t want to get out of bed. Barbara said she should have been pleased to help prisoners instead of complaining about her “high heels.” Here’s the thing — Does anyone actually like doing community service? Perhaps I’m a heartless prick, but every time I do something good I complain the entire time. What’s the fun in giving if you can’t kvetch about it? And furthermore, no one really believes that Paris Hilton is a “business woman.” So if you’re going to invite her on your show then you better be nice. You shouldn’t be inviting annoying guests just so you can publicly lambaste them.

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