Jersey Shore Season 4 Trailer — is America Crying for Italy?

Once upon a time, I studied abroad in a European country that will go unnamed to protect the innocent parties involved. While there, I distinctly remember my class of neanderthals engaging in a beer chugging race on the beach. The locals were disgusted, and I thought, “that’s why they hate Americans — because they are gross.” Europeans might drink a lot, but they don’t exceed their tolerance, and they certainly don’t publicly vomit or openly scream profanities. The reason I’m on my high horse, is because I just watched the new trailer for Jersey Shore, and it’s tragic. It’s not that I’m a Jersey Shore hater, it’s just that I’m fully aware that this group of folks solidify the disdain for Americans. Having said that, I will watch every minute of the new season. It looks damn funny.

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