Kristen Wiig is Lola Bunny — Bugs Bunny Reboot

When I sent my friend the video below, he said, “Why are you wasting my time with animated musical renditions of your life story?” He could not be more correct. Cartoon Network rebooted ‘The Looney Toons Show,’ and the very funny Kristen Wiig provides the voice of Bugs Bunny’s lady friend, Lola Bunny. Let’s just say that Lola Bunny has some boy issues, and she can’t seem to keep the crazy on the inside. If you’ve ever had a crush on a boy, then you’ve certainly had some Lola Bunny in you. Besides, we all know that Bugs secretly loves Lola — he’s just scared of his feelings, right? Click the link to watch the video.

Lola Bunny Loves Bugs Bunny

One thought on “Kristen Wiig is Lola Bunny — Bugs Bunny Reboot”

  1. Kristen Wiig has a very cute and expressively charming singing voice.  Singing can be added to the long list of her excellent talents.

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