Ryan Murphy Cancels Glee Spin-Off — Blames His Actors

Has your poor behavior ever pissed someone off, yet their reaction is far worse than your original misstep? Such is the case with the consistently temperamental Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee. Murphy isn’t pleased with his three key players, which includes Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Montieth. In case you have not heard, Murphy announced to the press that Colfer, Michele, and Montieth would be “graduating,” thereby taking them off the show (or at least seriously reducing their services on the show). The press got wind, and said the actors had been “fired,” and Chris Colfer subsequently claimed to have found out about this news via twitter. Murphy wasn’t pleased about Chris’ claim, presumably because it made Murphy look like a heartless prick who talked to the press before notifying his actors. Predictably — Murphy is firing back — and I can only assume these actors are running for cover. According to Murphy, they knew all along, and he was even in talks to do a spin-off with them after Glee. They were therefore aware that they were leaving the show, and were not “fired via twitter.” As a result of their alleged misrepresentation, Murphy and the powers-that-be over at Fox have decided to punish them by nixing the spin-off. I have a few things to say about this. Ryan Murphy might need some anger management counseling. Second, Having said that, he’s still the creator of the show, which means it’s extremely disrespectful and stupid to publicly insult him. But why should Lea Michele and Cory Montieth be punished for what Chris Colfer said? They smartly kept their mouth shut. Should the entire class be punished for the actions of that one student who throws paper airplanes at the teacher?

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  1. Okay, this article really annoys me. I’ve been following this stupid, stupid saga since it started and as many, many people will tell you in the comments for many, many other articles, Chris Colfer did NOT claim that he found out he was ‘fired’ through Twitter. Ryan Murphy made the announcement the day before Emmy noms and Chris Colfer was ambushed by having to do interviews the following day. He was asked how he heard about the graduation thing, and he answered that he heard that some sort of ‘announcement’ had been made on Twitter and that he was surprised by that. These interviews are available on Youtube and it is quite clear that the reporter then goes on to say that he’s leaving and after that the media ran with the whole ‘fired’ thing. We now know that none of them were supposed to talk about the spin-off (including Ryan Murphy) so he was unable to say what he would be doing after the graduation. But he did NOT say that he found out he was fired on Twitter. And quite frankly Ryan Murphy should never have made that announcement when he knew that no one could talk about the spin-off.

  2. Dave Grohl was right all along, Ryan Murphy maybe a great producer, director, and writer, but he is also one of the best self-righteous dbags. 

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