Ryan Murphy Fires Lea Michele, Cory Montieth, & Chris Colfer — Negotiating Ploy?

There’s something suspicious about Ryan Murphy’s recent announcement that he’ll be letting go of his three choice players after Season 3 of Glee. First, all three actors are up for a contract renegotiation, and everyone knows that actors on a hit-show play hard-ball on Season 3 (remember Katherine Heigl’s Grey’s Anatomy debacle?). Second, they are three major stars, and despite Murphy’s proclamation that it’s the right creative choice, there is a huge risk of axing your primary series regulars. Does he seriously think that he can get three more unknown actors to duplicate the current lightning-in-a-bottle success of the show? All signs point to no. Third, what about Mark Salling? Why did he only announce that Lea, Cory, and Chris are leaving and neglect to mention Salling? Is it because Mark is less expensive, and Murphy knows he doesn’t require the same game of hardball? And lastly, the show barely tracked the years of its students, which means Murphy could easily stick to his real-time formula and keep these cast members on for two additional years (presuming they started as freshman). Instead, Murphy insists that “everyone knows they started as sophomores.” Really Mr. Murphy? I guess “everyone” doesn’t include The Dishmaster, because I was under the impression they all started as freshman, which gives them four years on the show — not three. His assumptions are certainly financially convenient — and suspicious.

3 thoughts on “Ryan Murphy Fires Lea Michele, Cory Montieth, & Chris Colfer — Negotiating Ploy?”

  1. Ryan Murphy should remember that it was Glee that made him famous, and not spend so much time focusing on American Horror.

  2. In the first season it did specify that these three characters were sophomores (grade 10), so it is right that they graduate at the end of the third season. However, it has been rumored that they are not leaving the show.

    1. I’m sure you are right, but I still think this is a negotiating ploy on Ryan Murphy’s part. And they are not “leaving the show,” but their services would be reduced from “series regular” status, which means LESS MONEY. The less episodes you appear in, the less cash in your pocket.

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