Taylor Swift wears Granny Panties? — She’s a Genius!

Taylor Swift’s skirt flew up at a recent concert, and the blogosphere is taking aim at her choice of underpants, calling them “granny panties.” There’s a very important point that’s being lost here. Taylor Swift is a calculated genius. She obviously chose those under-garments as a safety measure IN CASE her skirt flew up, and it worked. I’m sure she doesn’t go on dates with men in those things — only I would do that.

3 thoughts on “Taylor Swift wears Granny Panties? — She’s a Genius!”

  1. O. M. G.!!…..them bloomers look like something my 80 year old grandmother would wear! WHAT A TURN-OFF………..

    1. She had to wear them in case her skirt flew up! Did you miss the point of my post!!!??? Perhaps she could have found a flapper inspired bloomer for a more fashionable choice?

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