‘Glee’s’ Naya Rivera Covers FHM — Nearly Naked

These Glee kids annoy me. They have a hit television show, get paid a lot of money, and still want to undress for magazine covers. Do they hope to get a hall pass out of television detention by taking their clothes off? If that’s the case, I’m certain they’re asking for a social shunning. I should give Naya Rivera the benefit of the doubt. That FHM cover-photo must have been intended for her boyfriend and not the entire world. Perhaps she’s a phone-hacking victim? That has to be the only explanation for such a poor choice. And in case my readers are wondering — yes — I’m a judgmental prude.

2 thoughts on “‘Glee’s’ Naya Rivera Covers FHM — Nearly Naked”

  1. Yep, my only complaint  is that I can’t wake up next to that every morning.  ON a serious note, sex sells, if she can promote her body as a commodity and it caan help further her career who cares. 

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