‘The View’ Discusses Joe Paterno — Makes No Sense

There’s only one sane person on The View, and that’s Whoopi Goldberg. When discussing the Joe Paterno scandal, Sherri Shepherd indicated that Joe Paterno is not a “bad person,” because  he’s not the one who engaged in the child abuse. Um — Did Sherri Shepherd drink the crazy juice today? This was followed up by the even crazier Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s assertion that it’s “unfortunate” that Joe Paterno’s legacy will be about what he didn’t do instead of all the good he’s done. Who are these clowns on The View? I’d write a long statement about what constitutes evil, but it’s unnecessary. I’d rather just bash the ladies of The View. Watch the exchange below, and feel free to fast forward through Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s mundate account of the one thing she remembered from her high school psychology class.



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