Meghan McCain Goes Scorched Earth on ‘The View’

Meghan McCain: Why I Quit 'The View' - Variety
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It’s unfortunate that Meghan McCain’s Bad Republican book tour does not include a chapter in which she takes responsibility for her role in the toxic behavior on The View. While I do not pretend to know what it’s like to sit at a table as the only Republican on a heavily left-leaning panel, I wish McCain could own up to disrespecting Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar time and time again.

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Mo’Nique Addresses Whoopi Goldberg “Shade” — Still Doesn’t Get It

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There are just some people who don’t get it, and Mo’Nique is one of them. Though I can’t speak to her personal life struggles, I can speak to the expectation that actors engage in a limited amount of publicity to promote their project, which is in their contract. When they choose to forgo that expectation, they risk being shunned by an industry who relies on it.

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Rosie O’Donnell Exits ‘The View’ in Musical Chairs Meltdown


Rosie O’Donnell exited ‘The View,’ and my patience for the show’s musical chairs chaos has now reached a boiling point. First, in no world would Whoopi and Rosie live peacefully on that panel, and any thoughts otherwise are recklessly stupid. Second, the behind-the-scenes bedlam that’s constantly reported in the New York Post is positioning the show as far less classy than it’s meant to portray, especially when it’s up against ‘The Talk,’ whose brand is the opposite. ‘The View’ is supposed to be caviar to ‘The Talk’s’ canned tuna, and it’s instead become imitation crab. Third, the producers need to get their shit together. If you pick a panel, you should stick with it. What you shouldn’t do is impatiently fire your hosts after they under-perform within weeks. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and they should trust their choices. If they don’t, then find new producers who can deliver their product on the first pass. That’s their job.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Blasts Rosie’s Return to ‘The View’

Seven years ago Rosie O’Donnell famously left ‘The View’ after a heated fight with Elisabeth Hasselbeck over Rosie’s controversial comments surrounding the United States government’s actions in Iraq. At the time, Rosie turned to Elisabeth to defend her amidst the media criticism, and Elisabeth refused. The ensuing argument involved finger-pointing, split-screening, and zero commercial breaks. Rosie never returned, but the ladies recently reunited for Barbara’s farewell show, which was seemingly sans drama. It’s since been rumored that Rosie will rejoin ‘The View’ beside Whoopi Goldberg, and Elisabeth pounced at the thought, proclaiming that Rosie “spit in the face” of our military, the network, and Elisabeth herself. She also said she suspects Rosie’s deal has been in negotiation for some time, given Rosie’s ease and ownership of the stage during Barbara’s farewell show.

While Elisabeth’s hot-headed immaturity is expected, these comments are especially shocking. First, they don’t make sense. Rosie O’Donnell already mended the melee with ABC during a pre-taped return to ‘The View’ prior to Barbara’s farewell show. Second, if ‘The View’ can fix a fight with Star Jones, they can certainly do the same with Rosie. Third, Rosie O’Donnell is an avid supporter of the United States military, despite her foot-in-mouth comment seven years ago. Her son attends The Citadel, and she has made many discrete donations to show her support. To resuscitate an argument that is seven years old can only indicate a hidden agenda. After all, if we are all held accountable for our worst moments, none of us would ever work again, including Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Perhaps she’s peeved that she got axed from the high-paying gig, and she’s gunning for Rosie as a result. There’s no other explanation. Listen to Elisabeth’s hateful comments below, and watch the second video for a refresh on the original argument.

Whoopi Goldberg Brought to Tears by Grateful Fan

The legendary Whoopi Goldberg visited a Dutch television program called College Tour, and I recently stumbled across a very moving moment from an audience member who expressed his gratitude for her role in Star Trek, which he revealed helped him to move beyond his autistic barriers. Watch the video below to see Whoopi’s tearful reaction.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says Goodbye: New Room with a View

Despite the world of criticism she received for her polarizing public opinions, she sure stood firm, and for that — Elisabeth Hasselbeck deserves praise on her way out. It isn’t easy being the only Republican on a power-house panel, and she was certainly unafraid to speak her mind. Hasselbeck will be joining Fox & Friends in September. Watch her goodbye speech below.

Quote of the Day: Whoopi Goldberg on Elisabeth Hasselbeck

20130417-110015.jpg“Let me tell you this about The View: I take a paycheck every other week. That’s all I do. I could give a sh-t what comes. I do my job — I have a contract. That’s where I stand. I don’t give a f-ck.” Whoopi Godlberg, on her concerns about who will replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

‘The View’ Discusses Joe Paterno — Makes No Sense

There’s only one sane person on The View, and that’s Whoopi Goldberg. When discussing the Joe Paterno scandal, Sherri Shepherd indicated that Joe Paterno is not a “bad person,” because  he’s not the one who engaged in the child abuse. Um — Did Sherri Shepherd drink the crazy juice today? This was followed up by the even crazier Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s assertion that it’s “unfortunate” that Joe Paterno’s legacy will be about what he didn’t do instead of all the good he’s done. Who are these clowns on The View? I’d write a long statement about what constitutes evil, but it’s unnecessary. I’d rather just bash the ladies of The View. Watch the exchange below, and feel free to fast forward through Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s mundate account of the one thing she remembered from her high school psychology class.



Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete Fired From ‘The Talk’?

When I first watched ‘The Talk,’ I knew almost immediately that the show would not survive with its panel of hosts. The women didn’t gel, and the only person that I thought had true talent was Julie Chen, who, similar to Barbara Walters’ role on ‘The View,’ is a real journalist (though there is only one Babs). So it’s no surprise that three of the original hosts have been given the axe. This includes: Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete, and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Leah Remini recently admitted to the firing (or “not having her option picked up” as it goes in Hollywood), which I appreciate. There’s no need to develop some elaborate excuse about not wanting to return (hear that Megan Fox?). Though I feel bad for them, this was a good decision on CBS’ part. First, Remini wasn’t funny. She’s an actress not a comedian. Unlike Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sherri Shepherd, Remini not only lacks the timing necessary to navigate those segments, but she also is the rare breed of annoying, which includes thinking you’re funny when you’re not (at least Julie Chen never attempted jokes). As for Holly Robinson Peete, she just wasn’t particularly interesting or funny. I hate to be harsh, but I’m glad CBS got their act together. There are rumors swirling that Kris Jenner might be the new co-host, which is actually a good idea. Despite my love/hate relationship with the Kardashians, they are relevant — like it or not.

Alexis Stewart Appears ‘The View’ — Makes Zero Sense

Alexis Stewart appeared on ‘The View’s’ surrogacy themed episode to discuss her fertility issues, and I think it’s fair to say she has some other issues as well. Her appearance is a great example of why guests need to be pre-screened, regardless of their status. In the clip below, you’ll see that she speaks in circles, and even has trouble forming entire sentences. At one point, Whoopi Goldberg hilariously turns to the camera and makes a face of complete confusion. I’m guessing that Whoopi just threw in the towel while the other ladies made a valiant effort to make sense of her rambling. The only enjoyable comment came from Joy Behar when she asked Alexis if her mother, Martha Stewart, “knitted her a crib.” Watch below.