Alexis Stewart Appears ‘The View’ — Makes Zero Sense

Alexis Stewart appeared on ‘The View’s’ surrogacy themed episode to discuss her fertility issues, and I think it’s fair to say she has some other issues as well. Her appearance is a great example of why guests need to be pre-screened, regardless of their status. In the clip below, you’ll see that she speaks in circles, and even has trouble forming entire sentences. At one point, Whoopi Goldberg hilariously turns to the camera and makes a face of complete confusion. I’m guessing that Whoopi just threw in the towel while the other ladies made a valiant effort to make sense of her rambling. The only enjoyable comment came from Joy Behar when she asked Alexis if her mother, Martha Stewart, “knitted her a crib.” Watch below.

6 thoughts on “Alexis Stewart Appears ‘The View’ — Makes Zero Sense”

  1. I don’t know if anyone else found Alexis Stewart’s comments about “it’s a job” regarding her surrogates.  It seemed like she was the polar opposite of the woman that came on later that wanted her surrogates in her children’s life (albeit peripherally). Alexis came off as “I’m renting your uterus, don’t talk until I say talk and don’t call unless you’re miscarrying…got it?” Wow.

  2. She was awkward but I’m more concerned with her disrespect for her surrogates, the women who are risking their lives and sacrificing their bodies, to give a complete stranger the most amazing gift of all, a child! For her to say it’s not about them, it’s a job, and she doesn’t want to “know” them is a slap in the face to these amazing women giving so much of themselves. Ungrateful, spoiled little rich girl.

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