Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete Fired From ‘The Talk’?

When I first watched ‘The Talk,’ I knew almost immediately that the show would not survive with its panel of hosts. The women didn’t gel, and the only person that I thought had true talent was Julie Chen, who, similar to Barbara Walters’ role on ‘The View,’ is a real journalist (though there is only one Babs). So it’s no surprise that three of the original hosts have been given the axe. This includes: Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete, and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Leah Remini recently admitted to the firing (or “not having her option picked up” as it goes in Hollywood), which I appreciate. There’s no need to develop some elaborate excuse about not wanting to return (hear that Megan Fox?). Though I feel bad for them, this was a good decision on CBS’ part. First, Remini wasn’t funny. She’s an actress not a comedian. Unlike Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sherri Shepherd, Remini not only lacks the timing necessary to navigate those segments, but she also is the rare breed of annoying, which includes thinking you’re funny when you’re not (at least Julie Chen never attempted jokes). As for Holly Robinson Peete, she just wasn’t particularly interesting or funny. I hate to be harsh, but I’m glad CBS got their act together. There are rumors swirling that Kris Jenner might be the new co-host, which is actually a good idea. Despite my love/hate relationship with the Kardashians, they are relevant — like it or not.

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  1. Your comments are your opinion and your opinion alone. Leah Remini, Holly Robinson-Peete and Mrs O. made The Talk worth watching. Until you watch every episode please keep your negative opinions to yourself, or give them to someone who cares. The Talk WAS the best talk show on TV! We didn’t want a journalist running the show, we wanted a mixed group of women sharing their opinions and comedy with with their viewers! And YES they accomplished that! The ladies left are soon going to realize what a HUGE mistake THEY made!! I give The Talk 3-4 months before the ratings force CBS to cancel the show. Didn’t CBS (Julie Chen & Sara Gilbert) understand it was NOT them the viewers tuned in to see! Save The Talk, bring back Leah & Holly!
    Lisa L Bloom

    1. Yes, they are certainly my opinions — that’s what makes me “The Dishmaster.” That being said, I’m almost one hundred percent certain I am right about this. Though Leah and Holly certainly have a loyal fan base that can certainly rally for their return, the fact is that CBS often does polls and surveys to determine who is the least favorite amongst the viewers, and I’m sure those two came in last. They don’t just fire people because they had a “gut feeling.” They do extensive research.

      *The Dishmaster*

      1. Not when one of the “hosts” is married to the Boss of CBS…it was politically motivated.  Sara Gilbert may be an executive producer but she is awful as a host and she should have been the first to go if they based on on extensive research.

      2. To the person who wrote this BS article, you’re wrong. Those 3 made the show! Sarah, the girl with no lips barely said anything and Julie was annoying always talking about her husband…

        Leah was funny, confident and full of life, Holly is intelligenent, beautify and a real relatable person, Sheron was hilarious, honest, and sweet. I loved them.

        To say the chemistry isn’t there means you must not watch the show because they all seemed to get along great with the exception of Julie who I always felt thought she was better then the others.

        I thought this show was a rip off of the view at first but as I watched I tended to like this more because these women were real ass people! Not journalists or people with political agendas… Holly, Leah, and Sheron made the show great and it won’t be the same without them on it. When the new season begins, I won’t be watching and a lot of former fans won’t be as well.

        1. Not to mention the rumors of replacing one of these women with Kate Gosselin????????????????  OMG…this show is doomed now.  I won’t be watching anymore either.

        2. i could not agree with you more Huh..i cracked up so much when Holly and Leah were there”dont have a clue what Sarah is doing there..all i know is that without them 2 it is boring boring boring..i dont watch it anymore …would be nice if Leah and Holly got their own show

          1. Well Linda the reason why Sara is still there is because she’s the executive producer. It’s listed at the end of show’s end credits. So now we know why Sara managed to dodge the chopping block. Sara never really has anything interesting to say and she always looks like she’s lost during certain conversations. I thought at first the other ladies were taking some personal time or something and now I here this. Grown adults acting like kids. I’m referring to MS. Julie Chen. I used to also think she’s got a problem with her ego. She’s always talking about her husband. Like a braggard. So childish. Get over yourself Chen.   

        3.  I agree with almost everthing Huh had to say here. It was the chemistry of these five women that I liked. Each was different from the other and brought a different perspective to the discussions. Some say that Julie and Sarah are boring but I thought their grounded attitudes balanced the craziness of the other three. Without Leah and Holly I find the show flat and wil be removing it from my DVR. 

      3. I was never polled.  I only LOYALLY watched each show…because of Leah and Holly and Mrs. O,  in particular.  In fact,  I was so very happy when Julie was away filming Big Brother a few months ago.  The show was so much better when she was gone.  I was hoping that she would  never return…but she did.  Ugh!   BTW, Dishmaster, are you part of the show…You seem to be so “informed.” LOL

      4. r u for real dishmaster? You seem to be alone in your thinking. Leah and Holly were the best on the show. It sucks now and is boring. I guess you dont have a very good sense of the ha ha’s and would rather sit and watch boring crap which is what the talk now is. Makes me sick that leah is gone. She was my favorite. When i first started watching the show i said it will be number 1 talk show of all time. Now it will flop for sure and i hope it does cause its not the same. I miss my leah and holly who made me laugh daily. Really ticked off at CBS. Shamefull

          1. I am a big fan of The Talk and still am. I hated to read that Leah and Holly was no longer on the show. The 5 personalities I thought made the show.They made it seem more down to earth with their comments,yes I mean all 5 of them brought their own humor to the table. It was a nice mix

          2. I’m Not a fan anymore as alot of us aren’t. What CBS did was wrong. Not announcing it was wrong ( kept us waiting for Leah’s and Hollys return ). I had to come to the internet to find out waht was going on.
            The Show became so boring , I wanted to see if they were on vacation and when they were returning.
            Found out differently….CBS was wrong in Not telling the Public. And I sure sent them my thoughts about it. I hope everyone hits them with e-mails also.
            The Show is Plain boring now , and I would rather clean house than watch it now !!! My opinion !!


      6. The polls must have gone to their own people and friends of Julies and Saras. I sure didn’t see or hear of one……….guess it was a select group. 😉

      7. Your funny “Dishmaster”…you should be running someones political campaign because all those accurate facts with surveys, polls, stats that makes your opinion 100% worthy please we know how those really work..like politicians you just can;t believe everything they say…

        Your right they JUST can’t fire people…I am sure they had their reasons…my humble opinion which is not written in stone is that they refused to be anybodys robot & were true to themselves…that is what I think but hey what do I know…I don’t have the “true stats, or polls” to fall back on as my security blanket…that is why it is JUST my opinion…

        but you are entertaining if you are getting quite of bit responses to your article….

    2. Sara is the most boring,plain,unassuming,just a hot frigging mess of a damn woman I have ever seen.
      She makes me want to weep with her boring questions,pathetic.

    3. I totally agree with you, but in my honest opinion, I highly doubt that either Leah, nor Holly would EVER come back to this show. Due to “whatever” the PTB let them go for. Leah and Holly have gone on to greener pastuers and dont need to work for the likes of CBS “The Talk”. Too bad when it started it was just the best new show on, turned it on every day; even rushed to get home. The show was about a bunch of mom’s dealing with all of today’s issues; when it changed I have no Idea; guess we can only ask Julie and Les Moonves.

  2. Leah was the funniest person on The Talk, and the most interesting of the bunch.  I feel CBS has made a grave mistake in not renewing Leah’s contract.  There are bigger and better things on the horizon Leah.  You have fans that love and appreciate you and are axiously awaiting the next project you have.  Leah should have her own sitcom.  She is the best.  Blessings to Leah.

  3. Yeah because being relevant = funny like you said the show needs. Talk shows aren’t in need of journalism and is that why they are hiring a low rent, selfish, low class pushy momager and a comedian? Looks like the Talk wants to head to the trash literally. Guarantee it will sink, though Leah was certainly not my fave. I often thought she was annoying and muted her often. CBS, so dumb with constant production changes.  It is clear by who they plan to hire CBS wants the shock talk the View always does.
    Babs, a journalist? do you watch any of her interviews in the last decade? ha she is  a joke!

      1. Get a grip girl. Grow a thicker skin. Barbara isn’t a good person or a good journalist for many years now. Go write more Julie Chen is beautiful posts.  Made me lol.
        Walters is only known for asking bawdy, crass jokes to View guests.

        ps.being relevant is subjective – I certainly don’t consider a selfish reality shrew relevant, I call it a fad. One’s popularity constructed by many many people starting from Seacrest/E!/the media shoving these people down and paying people to.

        1. MR, you know why? The dishmaster has a BIG HEAD. She’s immature. She has an INFLATED EGO. Not a good combination.

  4. Well we’ll see what happens now without *OUR* favorites! 😛 Also, never in my entire 55 yrs. have I received any kind of *poll* from CBS…what are you talking about?! Susan

  5. The show was good because they each brought something diffrent to the table.. They were all funny and entertaining in their own way.. It was never one sided, it showed multiple points of view.. I think it is ashame they let them go, most likely a big mistake on cbs’s  part.  Leah , Holly and Mrs. O were the ones who really made the show.. I do love Julie and Sara also, but I think the show will not last without the other original 3. Especially if you are someone who was watching the show with them and now they are gone.  It will definately not be the same or as good.  They should have polled the audience first.

    1. CBS does polls all the time to figure out who is the least/most popular, and those guys most likely came in last. The same thing happened with Star Jones on The View. After Star started to accept freebies to her lavish wedding, which she excessively promoting on the air, her Q rating went way down and she was subsequently fired. It’s a harsh business that revolves around ratings — and if the ratings are lacking — changes must be made.

      1. Star Jones declining Q factor started long before the wedding.  She lied about how she lost all the weight which alienated her core base.  Everyone knew that she lost way too much weight to have it be from only exercise and Pilates as she claimed on the show. This is not just based on research as other factors are involved. Lets not forget that Julie Chen is married to the boss man at CBS which factors in more so than research.

        1. Not to brag, but I really think I have a good understanding of who is generally off-putting, and Leah just didn’t work. While it’s true that Julie Chen married the big boss, she met him when she already had a big time television job, so it’s not really fair to say that he carries her. As for Gilbert, sure she didn’t have a lot to say, but she has a great concept of timing, and she knows when to keep her mouth shut. Holly didn’t add much of anything.

          1. Not to point out the obvious, but not one person agrees with you here (except Chen’s hubby at CBS) “Understand” that yet? Your aticle, “just doesn’t work” it is “off-putting”. Have you actually watched the show? You can only brag when people agree with you and apparently the viewers here DONT! Not to be mean, they just dont!

          2. Oh well I’ll surely sleep better as a result of your comment/opinion.  I mean it’s obvious we ALL value and respect your opinion, ha, ha, ha!!!  (more “artistic effect” for you, lol!)

      2. Yes, but if the ratings are high, why ruin a good thing???? What did Leah and Holly do wrong,
        get up on the table or walk around the stage? If you ask me, people just aren’t used to New York types who have a lot of real personality and make people at home forget the real problems of today or at least make us laugh at them. And no, I am not from the New York area but have many friends who are.

        1. I don’t think the ratings were where CBS wanted them. Having said that, it’s also possible that the panel just didn’t get along off the air, and since Julie and Sara have pull, they nixed the others. I still maintain that they were the weakest hosts though.

          1. Did you even watch the show, I would bet my next dividend check that crap gets canceled, don’t care who Chen is married to. It sucks now!


      3. No way in hell! Time will tell when the show gets canceled be sure to write an article then! Then will see whose wrong and whose right!




  6. I have only watched “The Talk” 2 or 3 times.  While watching the very first show, I came to the following conclusions:  I Love King of Queens and still watch it regularly in syndication, but I found Leah annoying and bossy on The Talk.  Holly was not interesting at all.  I also find Sarah to be extremely boring, monotone and dark, (ironically the same as her character on Roseanne).  I thought the show would be canceled soon because they were trying so hard to imitate “The View.”

  7. I love Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete.  Julie Chen may be the journalist of the group but doesn’t have the personality to carry off a show that is supposed to be entertaining.  If I wanted to watch The View, then I’d watch The View.  I love the banter and camraderie of the current group of co-hosts.  Julie Chen repeatedly telling the story of her eyelashes falling off is not what I call “journalism.”  The current group works well and adding a reality show star’s mother is not my idea of raising the journalist bar!

  8. I don’t know what show you were watching but the show I was watching called The Talk, was excellent! I looked so forward to watching it every day and now? forget it..I’ll never watch it again…Those ladies were funny as all get-out!! And how you can say that they weren’t funny is beyond me..There is no comparison to the girls on the View. Joy is arrogant, plain and simple and nasty!

  9. Sarah  Gilbert is  the  creator  so  they  kept  her but  she doesnt  belong  there  se  is extremely  boring  and  bring  very  little  to  the  table.  the  show  appeared to  be very  real  Leah  is real  no  faking(but  ofcourse  Hollywood  like  fakers,  everything  must  be  so  scripted  al the  time) like  love  Leah , Holly,  ms  O  ,  julie  too even .  sarah  was  tolerated  having the  wife(Julie)  of  the  boss  as  co  host  was  not going  to  work,  there  are time when  Julie  reminded  us  hat  her husband  is  the boss  so  she not  going  anywhere. (  i did  not like  the fact  that  the show  never discussed  jlo  and  marc separation ,  just  because  they  are  leah’s  friends .you  discuss  everything  else. I dont  know  what  happened  to  Melissa  she  was  just  quietly let  go.I  found  te cast  to  be naturally funny no  effort  needed .  I  don’t  think  its going  to  survive. 

  10. Big mistake, I think. Leah really made that show fun to watch. holly, I could take or leave but firing Leah ruins the show for me. What the hell are they thinking over there. Not happy!

  11. Big mistake, I think. Leah really made that show fun to watch. holly, I could take or leave but firing Leah ruins the show for me. What the hell are they thinking over there. Not happy!

  12. The show was crap from the beginning. . .now we have julie of BigBrother fame, and kris jenner.  She’s a walking ad for too much plastic surgery, and ridiculously dumb, trashy daughters.  I didn’t watch before. I’m positive I won’t watch now. 

  13. Well i wont be watching anymore,i bet Julie Chen had something to do with it since she’s married to the president and CEO of CBS, fucking gold digger, it must be feel good to be fucking the boss 

    1. Just because she’s married to the boss does not ibso facto make her a gold digger. I think she’s actually talented and she had a legitimate career before him. Did you ever think they might actually be in love?

  14. Well, I will not watch the show anymore!  Especially if …gag gag, choke choke…Kris Jenner takes Leah’s or Holly’s place!  Leah “was” funny!  Julie has a man looking after her!  That’s the only reason she’s still on the show!  She’s not the one who makes the show!  Leah and Holly are!!!  People have had enough of the K’s…sick of them!!!  Keep the real stars of the show…they’re the ones that people liked and kept watching the show for!….CBS….you are fool’s!!!!

      1. Who cares?  Why can Leah and Holly who obviously have a lot of people who aren’t over them either; did you notice by any chance? lol!  Gee whiz, get a grip!

      2. But america definately isnt over the fact that two great hosts were let go and for no reason. Two hosts that were the show.

      3. That is true but it is a shame because it only proves how “SHALLOW’ of a society we have become…but hey kudos to the K’s they truly found their golden egg… 

  15. Yeah Julie the Professional journalist and host of Big Brother?  Face it Julie has clout because she sleeps with the boss.  She is dull and I’m sick of hearing how much she loves her husband.  The show isn’t even a year old and all this turmoil for a show trying to find its footing and develop an audience doesn’t bode well for its survival no matter who Julie is married to.

    1. Wow, and I thought I was the tough critic. First, it’s a good idea to revamp a show instead of canceling it. Networks cancel shows way too early these days and therefore do not give them an opportunity to find its way. You might remember that Seinfeld didn’t have an Elaine in year one. Should they just have nixed it? If the ratings for The Talk are not where they should be, then a change must be made. That change included Leah and Holly. Should they have cut Julie instead, and did they choose not to cut her because she’s sleeping with the boss? I doubt it. Julie is the only one that has any kind of hosting experience, and she had a good concept of timing. Leah is an actress that yelled way too often and interrupted way too much. As for Gilbert — I like her. Sure she’s the EP, but again – -that doesn’t ibso facto mean that is why she’s staying and the others are going.

      1. p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }

        First, I wanted to say to Dishmaster
        that I think you missed the point of The Talk. I understand that
        Julie Chen was the only real journalist – but who cares? The show
        wasn’t about reporting the news, it was about conversation. What made
        the show so wonderful was the dynamic of all 5 hosts. I’m not going
        to say that this host or that host should have been fired over Leah
        and Holly because I feel that all 5 worked really well together. Each
        brought something different to the table. It was real and refreshing
        and never felt forced. I watched about 20 minutes of season 2 and it
        made me uncomfortable. The dynamic and camaraderie is missing. It is
        very sad and I, like so many others, will no longer watch the show.
        Second, I wanted to say to everyone else – no one from CBS will ever
        read any of these comments so if you want to try to make a
        difference, or at least be heard – try writing to CBS instead of
        wasting your comments here (me included).


        1. I can tell you one thing for sure — it isn’t true that CBS won’t read these comments. Networks and Studios consider the blogosphere an important part of polling. That being said, it’s far too late to bring them back, whether it was the wrong decision or not.

          1. I agree that it is too late to bring them back. Even if they did, it wouldn’t be the same as the damage is done. In regards to reading these blogs, I hope you are right. The point of social media is to connect. That said, I’m sure that many people have tweeted to The Talk regarding this, and not only have they not responded to them, it appears that they are moderating and deleting all negative feedback. Poor form.







          4. i wrote cbs weeks ago about leah & holly and have heard nothing back from them…bet all e-mails go into trash bin !!


      2. ya know dishmaster yes Julie has experience as host but it is not a talk show for goodness sake it’s big brother..as far as journalist comes in she is nottttttttt doing the frekin news here it’s a talk show..i dont know about the damn ratings all i know is that those 2 made me laugh they were spontanious they were real women and i for one could relate to them…i’m not the only one here that feels that way as you can see….

    1. I agree.  Bring back Leah and Holly and fire Julie. She has zero talent and is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

      1. I think Leah & Holly should do their own show. I’d tell CBS to shove it. I’m sure another tv station would pick them up for their own show. It would put The Talk off the air !!

        I think everyone that is upset over this should e-mail CBS . Go to their website , click on the drop down box , click on The Talk and tell them what You think . It’s the Only way , they will get the message…..I sent one in the beginning asking where Laeah and Holly were . Then I found out and sent another e-mail , telling them what a mistake they made letting them go. I told them , I won’t watch the show anymore , including my friends and what a Huge mistake they made….

  16. Then how do you explain the high ratings dishmaster? http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2011/01/26/cbs-renews-the-talk-for-the-2011-2012-season/80332/
    Just face it, CBS pulled a dirty, shady move and will never explain their real reasoning behind it (ahem, Julie Chen). On top of it all, CBS is not even making the effort to release some kind of statement behind their decision, but instead, are leaving it to their former (fired) co-hosts to fill fans in. Unprofessional and disgusting way to do business and treat fans.

    1. It just occurred to me that those two might have been fired because they didn’t get along with the rest of the cast. I find that explanation slightly hard to believe though, especially considering that Leah kept talking about how she and Gilbert were friends outside of the show.  So if I’m right, then that would mean that Julie Chen just didn’t like them.  WHO KNOWS.

      1. I think you may be right about ChenBot; I’ve heard a lot about her ego and throwing her weight around. Of course I have no knowledge if it’s true or not. All I do know for certain is that I miss the chemistry of the 5 ladies. The absence of Peete and Remini is a blow. And the vibe with the newcomers comes across as forced and disingenuous. If that changes with Kris Jenner I’ll never know because I’ve deleted The Talk from my DVR recording schedule. 

      2. Now you might be getting it….nothing to do with ratings, or a so called poll…or your opionion that they are annoying or not interesting…or their adoring fan base………… And I am not the only person to finally agree with you….see below………..hummmmm ready to write a new article yet? I admire a person who admits they did not get it right………

      3. Your article seemed to wholeheartedly agree with the under-handed decisions made by Chen and her husband. Now, you seem to be side-tracking. Are you related to Chen? She is awful, arrogant, and unworthy of two shows. I did not watch the show live, but recorded the show to support Holly Robinson Peete. I FF thru everything except Holly and Leah. I could not support CBS President killing off ATWT and firing all of those wonderful actors and crew to give his home-wrecking wife a F…ing Hobby!


    1. I agree Remini and Peete + Mrs. O made the show interesting. Chen with her phoniness about her perfect marriage and insincere voice in regards to 09/11. The show will be boring especially when Mrs.O is not there and she plans to take a hiatus this Fall. The show is going to lose alot of viewers. I have chatted with at least 2 dozen people in the Central N.J. area…why mess with a good mix. This is a mess now!!!

      1. I totally agree, tha show is a mess, and is headed for a big fall.  I don’t understand why and how people in the day and time can be so evil. 

      2. WELL,THAT’S IT.I too thought my two favorite gals were on vacation,so I kept watching hoping to see them back some day.I love Sharon with a passion,but like you guys,I have to say goodbye,no fun.
        CBS :”If something is not broken don’t fix it.”

  17. Well, that’s it, CBS has no brains at all.  The only reason I watched The Talk was for Leah, Holly and Mrs. O.. they made the show so funny and interesting!!…. Julie go back to reporting the news and being the host for The Big Brother House and Sara just go wherever, I find you very plain and boring!! OMG…..I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!! Enough of the Kardashians, they are no body, just a bunch of dis-functional spoiled brats!!

      1. Just now realizing that?????  Leah and Holly made the show…without them it is doomed.  I won’t be watching anymore!

        1. I’m just figuring that out as well. I just thought they were taking some time off. I am an Avid everyday watcher and I have still been watching hoping Holly and Leah would just show up one day. I will no longer, just canceled it on my DVR!!!

          1. i Quit watching ever since Holly & Leah left !!!!! they were the ‘talk’ !! darn-it

          2. i Quit watching ever since Holly & Leah left !!!!! they were the ‘talk’ !! darn-it

          1. dishwasher….you are only one of many that watched the show. We all loved Leah & Holly and now they have Lost a lot of viewers. So , I guess your opinion is totally different from the vast majority of viewers………that tell you anything ?

    1. I totally agree with you. I am not going to tape it anymore. I use to look foreward to watching it. now I have a hole in my schedule, thanks to cbs. You suck! You are wrong!

    2. I totally agree. What made The Talk was the diversity of the hosts. They all brought a different flavor to the show. However, my favorites were Leah (who I find very funny) and Holly, along with Mrs. O. I haven’t watched it since they left. CBS has boneheads running their network.

  18. CBS has made alot of stupid moves. Pretty much everyone so far has agreed, we loved Leah and Holly, I don’t know about Sharon (She’s on today). I WILL NOT WATCH ANYMORE either.
    What about Sara? They’re all friends, doesn’t she have a say in this matter. Sara is very boring herself. I think they all were good together except Sara. What’s a person to do to change this? WE want Leah and Holly back, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This brings to mind for me to the moment in Pretty woman when Julia Roberts  gets to go back and look the store attendant in the face and say “Big Mistake Big”.  Now that I wont be watching the talk along with probably 90% of their viewers I cant wait for Leah in her NY accent to say those words to Chen’s Husband around the middle of its second season when their ratings hit the floor. And for the kicker Holly right behind her adding KAKAKAKII! and a high five as they walk out with CBS begging them to resign. If I could have picked two to leave it would have been the boring two Sarah and Julie.  Now I just feel bad for Sharon she has a job, but it really sucks now.

    1. I have always loved Leah and Sharon. I wouldn’t watch the show because of Holly Peete. I saw her on The Apprentice and found her to be a bitch and really rude to Cyndi Lauper. So now I’ll probably tune in. Leah will be fine, she’s an excellent actress and what I like most is she says it like it is.

  20. I’m guessing this writter works for the view or is close in age to their viewers 70ish. The Talk was realitive and new to bad they made a stupid decision. Dumb real dumb letting the two best things go.

      1. “Dishmaster” are you really Julie Chen? What version of the “The Talk” are u watching that the only 1 good is Julie. I hope The Talk gets axed and Jylie and her hubby eats crow for this stupid show change…Leah + Holly + Mrs.O need to develop their own show;NOW WHAT Ms. Cartoon caricature a/k/a Didhmaster?…

        1. I’m in agreement with Momcask. I hope Leah and Holly read these replies. What they should do is get together with 3 other ladies and form their own talk show on the Fox Network! I never watched television until I retired last year. It was a wasteland except for some news programs. However, I ALWAYS watched “The Talk.” It’s a darn shame that Les Moonves and his wife didn’t know what a gem of a show they had.

  21. OMG! Who wrote this stupid article. Are you kidding me. Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete made the show. I will not be watching it anymore without them.

      1. I agree with the comment before yours.  Stupid article.  I won’t be watching any longer because the show will not have the spunk without Leah and Holly!  Bad, bad decision CBS!

    1. I totally agree. I stopped watching myself. The new show sucks! If I wanted to watch comedians I would watch the comedy channel.

  22. I agree! Leah and Holly were my favorites.  I turned the show off within a few minutes…BORING!!!  Looks like I will be watching HGTV during this time!

  23. Whaaaat! Are you kidding me??? Those girls made the show. It will for sure flop now. When this show came on the air, I stopped watching the View. Those women don’t get along and they are always arguing. I have friends who called me today and were practicly in tears because of Leah & Holly.

  24. Funny, the ones they let go are the ones I liked the most.  won’t be watching anymore.  I thought they had the best personalities along with Sharon.  They have lost this viewer

  25. The only reason that show was interesting is because of holly robinson peete and leah remini.  I think the talk made a big mistake by firing those two.  Believe me, its going to come back to bite you.  WATCH…  That was a real stupid move.  I will not watch again.  Those two made that show so much more interesting.  It’s a shame.

  26. Gotta say I doubt I will be watching after today… and I definetly will not be watching if they replace one of them with Chris K. 

    I had no idea Lea and Holly had left or were fired. The first few days of The Talk I could not stand Lea – but after awhile she turned into my favorite. At this point I haven’t read anything official saying they were let go because viewers didn’t like them so it’s all speculation at this point right? Plus I find it insulting that they would not at least say something on the show about it…. Do they think viewers don’t want to know why their fav’s are no longer there or do they just think we are stupid and won’t notice?

    1. It’s speculation based on my knowledge of the casting process. When Star Jones left The View, the show announced it (or Star did in a rather dramatic fashion).. I think that’s the classy way to go. The Talk isn’t performing the way CBS expected, and a revamp is in order. Whether they made the right choice, remains to be seen.

    2. I agree Kris that “The Talk” and CBS should’ve made an announcement but to put the show on without any acknowledgement  is insulting and cowardice! I am taking them off my Ti-vo recording. I had enjoyed the 3 main ladies of the show:Mrs.O + Holly Leah

  27. Wow, you couldn’t be more wrong!  I won’t watch now…if I wanted the news I would turn on CNN.  I liked Holly and Leah…they were real and down to earth.  It was a nice change.  Julie has big brother – she is good and does seem like Barbara W…but very plain.  Sharron is like everyone’s crazy mother, and also has America’s got talent.  Sara doesn’t really have much to say.  Holly and Leah….were the most real out of the bunch. Huge mistake CBS.

  28. Well CBS!  you are sooooooooooooooooooo off track.  Leah and Holly made THE TALK, they made you stop, listen, they are FIRST CLASS host and Sharon better get Julie and Sarah a job on her Talent show, cause THE TALK is done. OR maybe Julie can take Sharon and Sarah to the Big Brother House.  Dumb move!

  29. Whoever wrote the above article works for CBS.

    I loathe daytime TV but shocked myself when I caught The Talk and actually started watching it online after work every day. Every day! 

    Sharon Osbourne is a joke.  Julie Chen is repellent.  Sarah Gilbert is mostly uninteresting (and I’m a liberal vegetarian type).  But I loved Leah and Holly and love the wackiness and energy.  They brought the party! 

    That’s what I liked about the show — it was a wacky party and they shared personal experiences (even if they were embarrassing) about the types of subjects people talk about over a meal or a drink.  It was fun to watch.

    It makes NO SENSE to me why CBS would make a move like this.  Replace Holly (smart, insightful, mature, great communicator) and Leah (funny, entertaining, open and warm) with that crass, un-funny comedienne (they will be issuing apologies for things she says in no time) and some Kardashian?  Please.

    HUGE mistake.   I watched my last episode today.

    1. I wrote it and I definitely don’t work for CBS. That being said, I still support changing the panel. Judging by the insane amount of angry comments, though — I might be in the minority.

          1. As kind as you were in your article when you called Leah “annoying” and Holly “not intersteing” looks like the “dishmaster” can dish it but not take it!! Still not admitting you were off putting in your article? Hummmmmm

          2. Well we all know what a good judge of character you are so…………..   (NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!)

      1. well someone has got to me a minority here and it’s you at least on this topic you have a right to voice your opinion like anyone else here..i dont agree with you and that is also my right!!!

          1. According to who?  The expert, always right, critic on The Talk?  Oh, ok, I believe you, LOL! Try again!

  30. Julie Chen is a legit journalist? Big Brother isn’t anyone’s version of 60 Minutes. She is polite, bright and extremely boring. NOT talk show host material and she is not a trail blazer like Barbara Walters, so there’s really no comparison. Silly show no matter whom is cast.

    1. I agree with you, except it is no longer silly/funny/entertaining, its BORING!! I seriosly doubt Babara Walters would do another silly yet entertaining show……BB

    1. i watched the talk today and had no idea that holly and leah were fired until i looked it up on the intrnet. i will never watch again

  31. The truth is Leah and Holly began to clash with other cast members and producers. Leah and Holly have LOUD personalities that certain people with power didn’t like and had them removed, the reason Chen is still on…..she appeals to a good amount of viewers and is safe for on air. Sara has a more iron clad contract because she co-created the show. As for them being friends, Leah even admits on her twitter that she hasn’t spoken to Sara, in fact I’m positive she hasn’t talked to anyone from the show except Holly. Even Sara’s now ex lover/partner Ally has tried being in contact but hasn’t had any response from Leah or Holly. They are very bitter, I don’t blame them but they really shouldn’t claim to be taking the high road if they’re going to burn all their “Talk” bridges.

    1. Did you ever think that maybe Leah and Holly feel like Sarah doesn’t care what happened to them and how it was done, maybe they just don’t have anything to say to her!

  32. The author of this article obviously did not watch the entire season.  I only started watching the show halfway into the season because I didn’t think I’d like it, assuming it was “The View II.”  Boy was I wrong.  After sitting thru that first episode, I was hooked.   Leah, Holly, and Mrs. O.  have such strong personalities and were so much fun to watch, while Julie and Sara were so BLAND and BORING and without  relatable personalities, IMO.  I never missed a single show after that, because I recorded the entire season on my TIVO.  As of today I’ve removed it and will never watch another episode.  Hopefully other viewers feel the same.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! She (author) was probably too busy “dishing”! I removed it too and  I am sure many others will also. Look forward to the show’s ratings TANKING!! Then perhaps the author will admit she was wrong. Not one supporter here. But she will probably call all of her relatives to help support her inaccurate article!

          1. If your opinion is that CBS made a good decision then I respectfully disagree. It is just that, an opinion, just like mine and all the other people posting here. The general consensus seems to be that they made a mistake, and if the ratings reflect what I’ve seen here then even Chen’s husband may not be able to have the show renewed for a third season.

          2. Only time will tell though, I may have to admit that you were correct. Hopefully not as that will ruin my perfect record of always being right myself.

          3. Well moderator….you were wrong in your article. Leah & Holly made the show. So , that shows what you know and you are NOT always right !!

            Maybe you should go back to washing dishes. 😉

          4. Like you don’t have typos in your articles. In the three articles I read today, I saw a couple of typos. So, where’s your smart grammer?

          5. I did that on purpose. I know it’s grammar. I just wanted to see if you would read my comment. LMAO

  33. I will not be watching anymore. Leah and Holly made it one of my favorite shows. Mrs. O in a pain in the butt and Sara is boring.  Julie, eh.  Well I have an extra hour in my day thanks to TPTB

  34. My opinion…just MY opinion…they should have sent Sara Gilbert packing as well. She has nothing of substance to bring to the table. Molly Shannon is not a permanent host and she acts like it. She’s a dead fish and please do something with that hair…you’re not on SNL right now. Sheryl Underwood is funny for the most part, but she’s trying too hard. Hopefully she’ll find her rhythm at some point. I’m willing to watch right now to give her a try, but at times she is just as annoying as Leah. CBS could have done a better job preparing and helping the fans through this change.

    1. Whenever a show refuses to eliminate the fourth wall and explain the source of a change, the fans feel betrayed. They should have said something, much in the same vain that ‘The View’ did when Star Jones left. If fans feel as if they are not being told the obvious, they flee.

      1. No thats not it at all although CBS did show what asses they are, but we love Leah and Holly period! They are funny, real and good people. Who wants to watch the stiff blah blah of Julie Chin, I was liking her but she showed her true colors! I hope the show gets canceled very soon!

  35. I loved watching The Talk when Leah and Holly were on.  I am really missing them now.  I turned it on yesterday and found it very boring.  It was never that way with Leah and Holly on.  I miss the way they carried on.  I am glad I got to watch it when I did because I am not interested in watching it now.  Hate The View…way too liberal for me.  The Talk used to be pure entertainment but not anymore.  Oh well, I guess I will clean my house instead of watching CBS.

  36. Sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong! You must be related to someone left on the show. I thought it WAS entertaining to watch the chemstry. If you watched the show you would know that Leah, Holly and Mrs. O make many laugh and are quite entertaining. If someone wants the news, they don’t turn to the talk for it. And if they want entertainment, they won’t turn there either. You must feel like an ass after reading all of these comments.

      1. So you agree with the rest of my comments? I wasn’t concerned, just pointing out the seemingly obvious. I bet you find it hard to admit when you make a mistake? Bet you won’t admit it!

        1. I often admit my mistakes — I just so rarely make them that you wouldn’t notice. 🙂 Seriously though — if this blog represents the general public, then yes, I am wrong. Having said that, I can’t help but wonder if the only people that come across this article and feel the need to comment are the ones that disagree with CBS’ decision. Hence, it might be a distorted poll.

          1. OK, it doesn’t make sense that people who would agree with you would come across this article less than people who don’t, and, I’m certain that anyone who felt as strongly as you do about the changes would voice their opinion.

          2. Now that is funny!   LMAO 🙂 Thank you, for that! I honestly admire your willingness to admit you might be wrong. I also honestly feel that with all the bashing you are getting for this article, if someone agreed with your opinion, they  would come to your defense. I would come to your defense if I agreed with you. CBS angered their fans by sweeping the Elephant under the Rug. Do they think we wouldn’t notice or deserve more?? Perhaps our anger is mis directed since you are obviously not the decision maker! Hope I did not offend….just trying to make make my point…

          3. This blog does represent the general public. Go to Facebook, Twitter, etc. People are really angry about this and are boycotting the show. I agree with everyone too. Leah and Holly with Sharon made the show, I enjoyed it so much. Now the show is boring and I won’t be watching either.  

          4. Such a convenient justification for a blogger. There are no barriers to the Leah-and-Holly haters from commenting here. When someone is googling what happened on a show, that doesn’t automatically mean he/she is sorry it happened.

          5. So go find some other people that feel different and have them post here…..write an article and post the link to this one in it….

  37. When I first started watching The Talk, I did so because I was getting headaches from watching The View and their constant bickering and political fighting.  The Talk was new, Leah was “loud”, but refreshing and funny, and Holly seemed to me to hold the discussion together.  Sarah and Julie hardly ever shared about their personal life, and when they did it was so “clean” it was like “Really??” I won’t be watching the show anymore, I gave it a try this week and it was SOOOO BORING and not funny and or uplifting.  Julie does come off very robotic, so I understand how she got the title.  Holly, Leah and Sharon seemed to bring everyone out of their shell, now it is all on Sharon’s shoulders, God help her, she would be best to walk away now and hook up with Leah and Holly and create their own show, just the three of them, they would be great.  Sorry Dishmaster, but you really came off sounding like you work for CBS or are Julie’s BFF, I really don’t understand your view on this one.

  38. Not to point out the obvious, but not one person on this poll of comments has agreed with you. “Understand” that yet? Your article “just doesn’t work”……..

      1. So you don’t feel like an ass you are one. A smart ass. Your biased opinion doesn’t count. One is such a lonely number, no go call you mom to help you out! She might be the only one to agree.

          1. She did not want to help you out huh? Still no one here but you agrees with you…. EXCEPT for the admission you made above how it might be about them not getting along with “the staff” (aka Julie…). You have 2 agreements so far on that addmission…Great work….nice of you to admit it………

          2. Ruby how old are you? you come off as an ignorant 13 year old kid. how many times have you told the author to go get family and friends to back the story. Grow up! It’s such a stupid comment.

      2. Because you wrote article and obviously didn’t watch the show everyday…..your opinion doesn’t count. 😉

  39. Why is everyone so upset and taking this dishmaster person so serious? She’s just a blogger expressing her opinion. She’s not a professional entertainment journalist or critic.

  40. Are you crazy?? The only reason I watched (taped it if I could not watch it live) the Talk was because of Leah and Holly. Hate Kris Kardashian and her botox face.

  41. Did I watch TT? yes. Will I watch? no. Do I care, no. I was pissed for a coupla days, but we really have no control as to what is offered on tv. My dvr is set to record many shows that will probably not return this fall. TV is now set up with the kind of ‘rating guidelines’ that if a show (or individuals on one) has a bad day or week, poof, it or them are gone. Because of these money grubbing exec’s, a show like MASH with its tenure, will never happen again. There is no margine for error or potential rating loss. I guess I will go back to TCM. Watch the oldies. Watch people that used to have to and did act for a living. Screw CBS, NBC, and the rest. The networks are nothing more than a reflection of current journalism and the current recession. Confused at best.

  42. Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were the best! Now the show sucks. NO reason to watch anymore – and I won’t.

  43. what a ass u are they were the show idiot and if i wanted to watch the news then i have that option elsewhere julie chen has no part in daytime t.v

  44. Leah and Holly were the BEST! IMO Julie is a fake.  Love Mrs. O.  I certainly will quit watching if Kris is the new host. ENOUGH of the Kardashians!

    1. its me dee again – not finished venting. That show was my favorite of all talk shows. It was Leah that made that show. She was hillarious and made me laugh. She made my day. I wont be watching it anymore thats for sure. They got rid of the 2 best people on that show. The other ones are boring – except sharon. But  my favorites were leah and holly. Its boring now – its like watching the boring view. Sooooo angry with cbs. I hope Holly and Leah make their own talk show. That would be a number one show for sure. And to think they want chris jenner on there – my god. Please – how boring. Why her off all people. Boring. CBS made a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee mistake.

  45. Not only is it sad that these two were fired and now the shows magic is gone! But guys here is the shameful part… Sara Gilbert along with Julie Chen’s husband produces this show!!! Talk about being stabbed in the back!!!
    This is a very ugly situation and just the opposite of what they claimed the show to be about. Will not watch this show again.
    I wish Leah and Holly the very best; they deserve so much better! 

  46. I am thoroughly disgusted that Leah and Holly were fired from The Talk. When I watched on Tuesday, I thought they both were still on vacation but when no mention was made of them, I thought it was a bit strange but I just could not fathom the idea that they would let the two best hosts go!!  I stayed a loyal fan of The Talk because of Leah and Holly because The View became just a yelling match all the time. Watching The Talk was like hanging out with your girlfriends — laughing and talking about anything and everything. I loved it and now I hate it. Who at CBS took these polls and just who did they poll?  Morons???

  47. It’s insulting to me that show hasn’t acknowledge that fact the show line up has changed. I loved Leah but Holly was my favorite.  I watched this week so far to see what kind of explanation they would give.  I do not plan on watching anymore.  Why would they mess with a great show???

    1. I’m sorry for being mean but  you are so wrong about them, they made my day, I am no longer able to work because of my knees and was and still is very depressed, I looked forward everyday to watching The Talk just because of Leah and Holly, they are my favorites and it brought me happiness for just a little while, now I just won’t watch, they did them dirty and its not right and I just can’t support people who don’t support their friends or supposed friends.
      In my opinion CBS made a big, huge mistake but only time will tell when the ratings go down and its canceled.
      Shame on Sarah and Julie! I thought better of them but no more, they deserve to get canceled! What a shame, was a good show but oh well life goes on!

      1. I did not know we were in school now. Sometimes when typing , and you are upset. A Person might hit the wrong keys or type the wrong word…BIG Deal. You know what is meant.
        We don’t have someone to go over our posts like you do or even have spell check. I made a couple boo-boo’s in some of my post. But could not go back and fix them…

  48. Leah was my absolute favorite. She was hilarious, even my boyfriend would watch the show with me! Holly was great, too! CBS made a HUGE mistake letting them go, the show was awesome as it was, something different than all the other daytime talk shows. Now it’s nothing special and I won’t be watching anymore.

  49. I, like so many others, weaned myself off The View when The Talk came on.  I was  SO looking forward to the new season.  I thought I had missed an explanation when I watched it on Tuesday and two different co-hosts were there and not Leah and Holly.  Then, the same co-hosts (Cherey and Molly) were on again Tuesday, so that’s when I went on-line to find out WHAT HAPPENED.  OMG, I’m so bummed that Leah and Holly aren’t on anymore.  What I liked about the show was that it felt like they were all friends just chatting, like I chat with my friends.  It just isn’t the same with the new co-hosts, not that they’re not good, but it’s just not the same.  I MISS LEAH AND HOLLY!!!  BOO HOO! I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK TO THE VIEW!

  50. I soooo agree with the one who wrote this… Leah was a bit to much at times. She is the reason why I didn’t watch it. NOW that big mouth Sheryl Underwood is on. AKA Westly Snipes in a wig. hehehehe. I will be watching now. Dont get me wrong I like Leah, but she is not to good as a daytime type person. 

  51. that’s just you opinion! you don’t speak for the public and you shouldn’t congratulate CBS for “firing” anyone! Though Kris Jenner is relevant, she will not bring elements to the show that Leah and Holly did, Leah kept it funny (believe it or not) and Holly along with Julie kept everyone on topic, plus it’s nice to see an African American women on a show that draws attention to younger viewers. So before you go and commend anyone for anything, think about the show as a whole and how they were actually friends outside of the show and not just putting on a front for a few cameras! Chew on that for a spell!!!

  52. excellent theme designs you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and blinds time into the stuff you post!


    1. I know my commenters keep bashing, ‘The View’ — But at least Barbara Walters announced and explained the reason for Star Jones’ departure. That’s because Babs knows what’s up. Just switch over. It’s a better show anyways.

      1. The View Sucks!!! Barbara is great at reporting the news and interviewing important people like Oprah or the President, but her show is not entertaining enough for a morning show. They put me back to sleep instead of keeping me awake. Then you have Negative Joy-everything out of her mouth is negative. Elizabeth, I won survivor and now I’m on TV to give my uptight narrowminded opinions. What credibility does she have? She ate worms in the jungle? And Whoopi is funny, but has to keep most of her comments under control and let me not forget Sheryl- the one losing weight for her wedding- who gives a shit, but good for you? That show is only still on the air because the network hasn’t found something cheaper that will give them better ratings at that time slot. I’m sure that the show is only surviving because of Barbara’s fans. She must get all the older viewers in the 55+ category (that’s a lot of baby boomers).
        The VIEW still sucks!!! Plus, The Talk is supposed to be a different show, NOT The View and it’s meant to reach a different audience that’s why it is a daytime talk show Not a morning show.

  54. i cant believe that molly s and who ever the other lady is, is taking over and they left julie and sarah on. the whole world is nuts

  55. I think you are full of shit. I’m sorry, but I have watched this show since the beginning. I loved Leah and how she would say exactly what was on her mind. Comedian or not, she made me laugh! Holly was a great touch to it also. It gave another view from another culture. I’m not saying just keep her cause she is black, but she was great on talking her point and getting it across. I enjoyed hearing about her accomplishments with her children, and she helped me when I was going through a rough time with my child being tested. I think Leah, Holly, Sharon, and Sara, were the highlights of the show. Julie, isn’t bad, but not really my taste. I even fast forward through her on Big Brother. She seems to try for the laugh, and only there because her husband’s the boss. I mainly watched just to see the other women.

  56. i dont agree with the comments made about Leah nad Holly i think its mean..i loved watching the talk mostly because of Leah and Holly…i thought all the ladies had good chemistry… i dont know what happened having a little trouble understanding this..i just read an article where someone said that Leah or Holly were not funny well i think they were just as funny as Sarah and Mrs O…the article also said that Julie had more experience because she’s a journalist well guess what this aint the news people it’s a talk show..well all i can say is i dont watch anymore the 2 new host that are there right now dont do it for me i find the talk boring !!!  

  57. Loved the show with Leah and Holly.  They were the only reason I watched. Love Leah and Holly telling stories about their moms.  Soooo funny!  I could relate. Sara is booorrriiing! Leah would always say things to Sara that (we)the people watching were thinking but could not say.  Won’t be watching anymore, sorry to say.

  58. I actually think that if Julie Chen wasn’t married to “the boss” she wouldn’t be on the show!  as for sara gilbert, BORING! Holly was ok and the only negative thing I can say about Leah is I hated her fake laugh when she tries to immitate Lucille Ball’s laugh!  The only one I truly enjoy on the show is Sharon!!!  But the others are talented in other ways just not talk shows and have given us a lot of happy moments!  Good luck guys!

    1. Here’s the deal: If you watch ‘The Talk’ and you’re angry that Leah and Holly are gone — then you are going to google the reason they left and find this post and comment on it. If you aren’t angry, then you’ll just keep watching the show and keep your mouth shut. Hence, I don’t think this is a good representation of the general public. THE DISHMASTER DOES NOT ADMIT DEFEAT! Not yet anyhow.

      1. When The Talk is cancelled , Then you can write a NEW article and admit how Very wrong you are…That shouldn’t be too long now. 😉

  59. I loved The Talk because there was such a vast difference of personalities and unlike The View, they discuss issues, but they do not go overboard arguing their different viewpoints.  I must say that I am shocked to hear that Holly and Leah were fired! I think that the show is on it’s way out!!

  60. Kardashians are relevant?…Are you really saying that?….the 2 they let go are REAL people….Kris is a reality”star”,and I use the term loosely!

  61. I am thinking you may be the only person ON THE PLANET to think CBS made a good call…all of us REAL fans of the show know what made it interesting to watch…and btw, Leah is hysterically funny!  And Holly has a very interesting life and perspective on things…

  62. I am another one who have stopped watching the show. I thought all the hosts were very good together. I liked the laid back format. I was really excited and impressed when i started watching from day one. I checked out the first 2 new shows and they didnot do a thing for me, so now i have dropped “The Talk”. I hope it loose everyone and is taken off the air!

  63. the talk is going to suck with those two ladies.they are funny.the only people that are not funny is julie chen .maybe she thinks she is better then everyone .the two best woman on there are gone i used to watch that show everyday.but not anymore.woman why cant yall just get along.now i seen one slow without the two woman and its so damn boring.i want to fall asleep.

  64. Bring them back they helped make the show the success that it was. The show may not last another season. sorry guys you had it right the first time around.I miss you Leah and Holly.I will have to find another show to watch.      A FAN FROM OHIO

  65. I totally disagree with this post.  You have no idea what you’re talking about.  Leah was not suppose to be funny.  She was funny in her own right, but most of all, she kept it real.  That’s what I love about her.  Holly I thought was funny in a certain kind of way.  All of them together added a certain type of flavor.  They were not supposed to be immitating the view.  They were suppose to be themselves.  However, I did think that they were getting a little out of hand with some of the off color comments. They were also doing things that (in my opinion) were raunchy.  Because of that very thing, I started to watch them less.  But I still believe that they were a good team together.  I have no interest in watching it now.  Leah was my favorite person on the show.  Like I said, “She kept it Real!”

      1. Un-like You , she was funny…Likeable and down to earth . Wasn’t a fake like most when they become stars…….( did not like your comment )…shame on you !!

  66. I think julie chen was very warm and  interesting, sara was boring, sharon was boring and forgetful, she just was’nt interesting, holly and leah both concentrated on the audience too much, they seem like they were trying to score points.  I think it would be a big mistake to replace them with Kris Kardashian, we see enough of that disfunsional family.  She’s the reason the Kardashians are the way they are.  People can say all they want about the view, but those women are for real and for the show, they are not looking at the audience every time they speak, to see if they are scoring brownie points.  They speak their minds, take it or leave it.  You can’t please everybody, there is always going to be happy and unhappy people.


  68. I’m not sure who the heck wrote this article for the Dishmaster, but I don’t think they’ve really watched The Talk or else they would know that Julie Chen eventually lightened up enough, that she could even be humorous.  You may refer to Leah Remini as annoying, but I found her to be so funny and looked forward to watching the 5 women until today, when a new season started and I no longer will be watching The Talk without Leah and Holly.

  69. I’m not sure who the heck wrote this article for the Dishmaster, but I don’t think they’ve really watched The Talk or else they would know that Julie Chen eventually lightened up enough, that she could even be humorous.  You may refer to Leah Remini as annoying, but I found her to be so funny and looked forward to watching the 5 women until today, when a new season started and I no longer will be watching The Talk without Leah and Holly.

  70. Are you kidding me?! Leah made me almost pee my pants every day. It was the only daytime show that I didn’t fast forward through to get to the guests and now it’s not even worth watching for the guests because most of their guests are irrelevant.

  71. How could “The Talk” keep Sara over Holly and Leah? Sara is so plain, no feminine appeal and Boring .  If you didn’t think Leah was funny why didn’t you tell her so she could correct your complaint? Thats what you do when you like someone. Holly is on the same level as Julie; attractive, appealing and she added Class and sophistication. I think Julie felt threatened by Holly as a better host than she and Sara was just jealous of Leah. Mrs. “O” thinks she is a hot sexy know-it-all on her feet but she’s probably cold on the sheet. She won’t be there much longer and the show will probably be cancelled before the end of the year. Molly Shannon? naaaw ! ! Underwood? Maaaybe she’s a keeper. CBS needs to get that show back in check. It was going so well with the original cast.

  72. Ever since Julie Chen broke up her now husband’s marriage and became his wife, she thinks she is the one.  I have watched BB for 13 seasons and in the last 4 or 5 seasons, she has become a b*%^h!!! I can’t stand to hear her talk anymore.  I can’t believe she is the one making the decisions. 

  73. that nis bs that they got fired Leah was one of the main reasons I watched “THE TALK”   CBS  what have you done….lol

  74. I think CBS made a huge mistake in the firing of Leah and Holly. Those two made the talk interesting. I am a very dissappointed fan and feel they should axe the president of CBS and his wife to. First he messes with the early show and now with the talk. He should be fired for his bad decision making. I am no longer a fan of the show.

  75. My friends and I feel the opposite and we will not be watching anymore. Julie Chen is dry, Leah is funny and down to earth so is Holly as for Sara she appears nieve and charming. But we all know Julie and her Husband call the shots. Julie probalby did not like the attention the other women got. Sharon look out she will problably axe you next. Sharon is deliteful and funny and down to earth. Maybe that is the problem. Julie seems fake and phony

  76. I am sooooo mad that Leah Remini & Holly Robinson Peete were fired from The Talk.  I like all the women but I really loved Leah.  I thought she was so funny and I basically watched the show because of her.  The Talk is just not the same and I really have no interest in watching it anymore.  You just lost another viewer!

  77. I can’t believe Holly and Leah were not asked to return for the second season of The Talk, this was so hurtful to a lot of The Talk fans. My name is Constance Ivory and every day I look forward to 2 p.m . I would tape it or be right in front of my T.V. Please recall the team back together because your ratings will go down without the whole team together. All the ladys asked like they were so close and there kids as well. On the show when I watched them I felt like they were family and a funny family at that Julie please talk to your husband and get your family back together ,you can do it ,please. the show is not the same any more .

  78. Well dishmaster I think you are in the minority here.I can’t find many people agreeing with you.I think Leah made the show and if you want to get rid of dead weight, ax Sarah.Boring boring blah blah blah….Not watching any more and yes their ratings have dropped.One live to live is almost doubled their ratings and another world, the show they replaced made higher ratings. Their ratings have dropped from 1.8 share to 1.4 and dropping……so I kindly disagree with your opinion.There will be no season 3. Thats my prediction!

    1. Sins the Talk changed things. If I want to see TV . I watch Anderson and had never heard of him before. LOL….Don’t really like the show. But better than The Talk is now. Give him some ratings. hahaha

  79. I just turned on the show and I was SHOCKED tha Leah and Holly where gone HUGE HUGE mistake!!! I used to Tivo it because of them!! No more!!  You say Leah and holly are not funny and Sarah is ?!?!?!?!?! and Julie with her 20 minute stories GIVE ME A BREAK!! Another person who will never watch again!!!

  80. I agree—Leah, Holly, and Mrs. O make this show.  The others are boring!  I also do not care for the Kardashians.  The two ladies that are replacements now don’t hold a candle to Leah and Holly.  CBS, wise up…you messed up The Today show and now you’re messing this up.  I for one will not continue to watch The Talk with the cast that they have now. Also, I actually prefer the show when Julie Chen is not there and Mrs. O is hosting.  Listen to your viewers CBS!!

  81. WAY TO GO CBS!  I thought the show was horrible with Leah and her big nasty mouth and Holly was about as entertaining as a dishrag!

    1. dishwasher must have her friends posting now . If you want boring , watch The Talk or The View now. It will put you to sleep.

  82. I disagree! I thought Leah was very funny and had a lot of character as well as Holly and I loved the fact that they all got along so well. Leah and Holly were reasons why I watched and loved the show. I like Sarah, Sharon and Julie as well. Now that Leah and Holly are gone I will definitely not be watching as much. I used to record it so I could. Now if it’s on, it’s on and if I miss it, I miss it.

  83. They got one thing right, Julie is another Barbara Walters, who I also can’t stand, because they both are boring and fake.

  84. The Kardashians are relevant?  On what planet?  They are famous for being famous, and I still can’t figure out why anybody cares about those people.  Holly Robinson Peete is funny, talented, and always brought something interesting to the table.  Leah could be a little rigid at times, but she was always entertaining.  In my opinion, Julie Chen made the smallest contribution to the show, but she sleeps with the head of CBS, so I guess her job is secure.  As of now, Sharon is the only interesting person left, and if she’s not there, I won’t be watching that day.  Smooth move, CBS!  I wonder how long it will take for this show to tank completely.

  85. The Dishmaster must work for CBS. Anyone who has ever seen Julie Chen on either the Early Show or The Talk knows that she is devoid of personality which is fine for reporting the news but not for giving an opinion. Sorry but Leah and Holly made the show if anyone should have been kept around its them. I have officially deleted The Talk from my DVR.

    1. No, The Dishmaster already said she doesn’t work for CBS. She’s not even a real journalist. She’s just a blogger who writes her opinions on this website, but I must say she picked a pretty popular topic to blog about. Just look at all the comments. 

  86. I think Julie Chen is doing the old power play of control freak because her husband’s the head honcho of CBS. Call me wrong but I think that’s probably why she married him in the first place. Because if you think about it every new show that comes on CBS Julie probably makes sure she gets her greedy grubby hands into it first. But like they say if the rumors that she had something to do with Leah and Holly’s firing are true then she and hubby will both suffer the consequences of their stupidity. Ms O she was a nice extra added addition. But now I’ve got to ask just what the hell were they thinking with this new lineup. Is it just me but there are times when Sheryl Underwood looks extremely uncomfortable sitting there asking questions. The Talk will never be on the same level as the View. The Talk will no longer be watched by me anymore. And who’s this Dish Master anyway? I’ve never even heard of this site. Like how the Talk will soon become, a show no one will watch or care about. Honesty, integrity and self respect The Talk now lacks. Goodbye forever. CBS never knows what good is until it’s gone. They suck CBS. But don’t be surprised if CBS’s new fall line up of shows fails considerably. Big Brother is a boring show and should never be allowed to air ever again. I hope Holly & Leah get their own show and kick the crap of The boring Talk. I’m done ranting. Maybe someone needs to boycott the Talk. Who’s with me.

  87. Leah and Holly where the spice of the show. It’s like CBS removed the Salt and Pepper from the meal and all that was left behind were the boring vegetables, the bland meat, and a little sauce on the side because that Sharon Osborne brings a little zest to the table. Sara Gilbert may be a good actress, but as far as a host for a daytime talk show, she’s too quiet. As for Julie, we all know she got the job because her husband runs CBS. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good journalist and does good, but at times she’s too much of a news anchor for a daytime talk show host. Leah and Holly did a great job balancing the show and bringing a little bit of Julie’s natural self out because they were not afraid to be their true selves on national television. Honestly, we already have more than enough news programming on television and I tuned into The Talk to be entertained and not to get my lastest news coverage. I loved the show because Leah, Holly, and Sharon aren’t scared to be themselves and I’m sure several of us love that about them. I watched a few shows, but the hosts just don’t have what I liked the most about the show, which is Leah Remini and Holly Robinson-Peete. I say we Leah and Holly fans boycott The Talk and if you really want CBS to hear our disapproval of their firing Leah and Holly send CBS a complaint at the following website: http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php . I hate to give the CBS website all these hits for firing Leah and Holly, but at least they will get our messages of disapproval. As of last week, when I saw no Leah or Holly in the introduction of the show I STOPPED watching The Talk!!

      1. Your comments don’t appear in chronological order unless you indicate it and I, like most readers, was too busy reading the comments that I didn’t switch the order and missed previous comments, so Jen probably missed your comment that you don’t work for CBS. Let’s just hope she sees it now.

  88. I’m very disappointed wth CBS. I loved the talk and looked foward to i every day. That said I will NOT be watching it any more. I loved the original 5 people and without them it’s DULL. You Know that variety is the spice of life so good-by to the talk because now it is DULL,DULL,Dull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. I agree with Coraguzzo! I thought they were on vacation as I must have missed the episode where they announced that Leah and Holly weren’t returning. I kept saying as I watched this last week of episodes “I can’t wait until Leah and Holly return!” Then I did some research online and realized they won’t be coming back. I am so upset and surprised that out of all of the ladies on the panel those two were let go. They made the show! I am done watching the show now!

  90. Actually I think those two woman were the show and I think Julie Chen is not at all that great of a journalist and her attitude she brought to the show stank just because she’s  married to the ” president of cbs ” please. I’m sure they’ll get theirs ( karma is a b*#@!)  one last thing I hope the show does not succeed just because they let go of Leah and Holly.

  91. I agree i really miss leah and holly. the only good one left is sharon.  I don’t know where these networks get there info about who is good or not!

  92. Well I guess its a matter of opion but I believe that Leah was the one that kept the ball rolling. If you didn’t think she was funny or that she didn’t speak what she believed was the truth then Im pretty sure you are a prude and in no way have a sense of humor.  I feel sorry for you because laughter is the best medicine. CBS has made a BIG MISTAKE!

  93. Major mistake getting rid of Leah & Holly. They both had personality and made the show more enjoyable. Leah was hysterical and always made me laugh. Sarah Gilbert is very dull and boring and never had much to say on any particular subject. I have since stopped watching the show because of these changes.

  94. Major mistake getting rid of Leah & Holly. They both had personality and made the show more enjoyable. Leah was hysterical and always made me laugh. Sarah Gilbert is very dull and boring and never had much to say on any particular subject. I have since stopped watching the show because of these changes.

  95. Are you out of your mind.  Leah Remini is hilarious.  She is down to earth and every word that comes out of her mouth is funny.  She can’t not be funny.  Holly is also funny and very endearing and relatable.  Sarah is boring as hell.  Julie comes off as an insincere stuck up snob and Mrs. O has to be bleeped several times a week for her inappropriate language.  The show was not a favorite of mine but the only thing that was good about it is gone.

  96. I am very disappointed in your choices, I use to watch because they gelled very well and made us laugh. Holly and Leah were the most interesting of them all and shame on you for undoing the team. I tried to watch it , but it is very deisappointing to break up a good team, and I will not watch it anymore. You fired the wrong ones!.  I can’t take  the replacements. Goodby!

    1. Go to CBS.COM and pull down the drop down box. Click on The Talk and click complaint. Then type your message to CBS….that way they get it directly . They may or may not read the dishwashers blog… 😉

  97. Anybody who is wondering what happened please go to the page Leah and Holly Live, please read the info section FIRST and please like the page and unlike this page, you can still post here. I hope people get to read this because they are deleting most of our posts to notify people so they can get info and hopefully join our cause to get Leah and Holly a new show, were are over 10,000 strong so far

  98. Anybody who is wondering what happened please go to the page Leah and Holly Live, please read the info section FIRST and please like the page and unlike this page, you can still post here. I hope people get to read this because they are deleting most of our posts to notify people so they can get info and hopefully join our cause to get Leah and Holly a new show, were are over 10,000 strong so far

  99. I think they should have gotten rid of Sara Gilbert and Julie Chen who are as boring as can be.  Their new guest hosts are equally as borning.  I have quite watching it is so stupid.  It was hard to watch Julie on her stupid summer show.  She should go back to news broadcasting.  If it wasn’t her husband who owns the show, she would be gone.  

  100. I really am sad about Holly being fired from the talk. I really think she was good and I only watch it because of her and Sharon O. I think if any one is boring it is sarah and I like her too. But to get rid of Holly is not a good thing. I do like Molly Shannon she tells the most funny stories.

  101. I just wrote a piece about The Talk and how I didn’t like it at first but now I like the show, until a friend told me about Julie Chen and how she’s behind the firing of Leah and Holly.  

    I like your post – its short and to the point.  I’m trying to get to that style of writing, but I’m long winded in mind as well as verbally.  

  102. i am a loyal fan of the talk and i loved the show.but the people you have filling in there spots are not suitable .i find them loud and boring . i do agree that leah and holly should have been let go but you need to get women that add to the show and make it interesting.this is the first time that i have been unable to watch the show all the way through ,i hope you look around some more. thanks for letting me say my peace  not very happy!!

  103. i like leah and holly and i heard they quit the show because julie is a glory hog because her husband runs the show. just what i heard..

  104. I loved the Talk.I never missed it until I kept watching and I thought leah and holly were just off for a couple of days like they had done before. I the realized something wasn’t right. I then ent to ASK.com. I found out from ASK.com that they were know longer with the show. Needless to say they LOST a loyal fan nd watcher of the show. I ‘ve been waiting to hear from them why they are no longer with the show bu to no avail. Please tell your fans why you are no longer with the show. I would like to hear it from both of you PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! This silence has gone on long enough. ALoyal Fan, Sheila

      1. Well Leah, It’s their loss because I have been a fan of yours since King Of Queens and I will always watch anything that you are in. Sheila

  105. I thought Leah was the most entertaining one. Holly was pretty entertaining most of the time too. I wont make any kind of effort to watch anymore.

  106. I have watched The Talk since the beginning—was great to see a light-hearted show with such great women. Recently, I found myself changing the station when I noticed that Leah and Holly were not on—BORING!!!  I didn’t know that they had been fired—thought they were just taking some time off.  Well, that all changes today, as The Talk has now been silenced in our home!!!!!!!!

  107. I will NEVER watch The Talk. Whoever thought leting Leah and Holly go was a positive move boy are they mistaken. I watched the show once or twice since then and by far it is BORING.Leah and Holly were a great balance to the show and thier sense of humor was great. Now Sharon is no there. Julie is calling the shots because of hubby. So sad.Not good thinking on part of CBS. I predict the show will be off the air this year. Boy, CBS you made a big mistake. Everyone I know thinks the show is BORING and not worth my time. Julie you should stick to the news. You do not belong on a talk show.

  108. Who is the idiot that wrote this article? Holly not interesting? Sarah is? Why? because Sarah is gay and that automatically makes her interesting, no she is BORING! Holly leads a very interesting,real, life and is so relatable. Leah, while I can see how she might annoy whiney, thin skinned people is funny and real. Kris Jenner is famous for marrying well and teaching her skanky daughters to do whatever for fame and money, so I guess in Hollywood that makes one relevant. It does not however make one relevant in the rest of the country, it just makes you annoying and a ho! and I do not like any of them. That show is doomed now and I won’t waste another minute watching it!

  109. Holly added more to that show than any of the others, her audience gets her. She lives a real life with a husband,kids, including a special needs child. She is active in the community and works hard as a ambassador for Autism. I love her, she is sweet and funny. Only self-important Hollywood wannabes wouldn’t see that!

  110. no i will not watch it anymore they were the best 2 on the show you dont need the money so i hope it does not stay on mucher longer

  111. I agree with all the Leah and Holly fans. This show is now LAME without them. Even tho their personalities where strong and some didn’t like that….. that is what made the show more thrilling. To hear what they thought. They used to make me laugh. I MISS THEM : (

  112. Kris and all the K girls have WASTED too much on air space. Who cares? Holly and Leah are strong moms and more “real” than the K’s could ever even pretend to be. Sorry CBS. You have made the completely wrong move. I wish Leah and Holly all the best as they decide what is next for their families.





    1. u are soooo right ….i cant stand julie right now…before she was ok becus some how leah and holly and sharon jus were so linked but now..i just not wasting my time 


  114. Are you kidding me?  Julie Chen may be a journalist but she’s boring as he**.  Leah Remini may be annoying at times but that’s what made them ALL gel b/c Sara & Julie have no personality.  Oh yeah, Mrs. Moonves had to get rid of the ones that were a threat as the only talent she has is being his wife.  Mind you Leah & Holly are both older or the same age as Chen yet they look and act younger.  This is show is a goner!  Hope no one watches their show anymore, I know I won’t – so it can be taken off the air.  AS for Mrs. O, Leah & Holly – you should start your own show on another network!!!  The Talk = BORING!!!

  115. I agreed that Leah and Holly was very annoying. They seem to be fighting for attention. They definitely talk over each other. That got on my last nerve. And Leah was overly DRAMATIC!!!!!
    Every time Leah comment on something, Holly was right there to comment on it. And visa versa. It was joke/game. I would have love to seen Sharon O back on there. And I think Julie is doing a great job!

  116. I think your comments stink leah was the only reason i watched she was not vulgar, shedown to earth, she made some good discussions. I hope she gets a show of her own.

  117. I am going to miss Leah…Her off the wall laughter and loudness I truly enjoyed…BUT Holly Robinson PLEASE…she should have been let go week 1.. She’s rude, name drops, and had her own agenda…Celebrity Apprentice showed her true colors..backstabbing, name callin, rude, etc….. Hope the show does well..LUV LUV LUV Julie, Sharon and kind of Sara (shes sort of boring)

  118. I actually watched the show JUST BECAUSE of Leah and Holly….They brought genuine laughter and familiarity to the show. IMHO, Julie Chen is an attention wh—.

    I will not be watching again

  119. The show is over! Holly and Leah made it interesting, unlike the very annoying Sharon O and very boring Julie, who ALWAYS tries but fails to be funny!  So how many times does she have to ask someone SO WHATS IT LIKE TO BE A PARENT dah we all know you had a midlife child, get over yourself!  Well at least now i have a reason to exercise in the middle of the day because now theres nothing to watch anymore!

  120. I believe it was awful that Leah and Holly won’t be on the show any more. I think it was a foolish decision. I watched the show every single day. if I had to record it I did, I never ever recorded shows never, until the talk. I won’t be watching any more at all but I still wish them luck. T. Lee

  121. I have watched the show a few times and agree with you about Leah and I never really did see Marissa do much…Peete has always bugged me. Sharon had said she didn’t know any of them before, but she did…she fought with Peete on the Celeb Apprentice…I don’t entirely agree with your article and I also think Sherry Sheppard could easily go on the view. I find her annoying and unfunny and think she is dead weight. 

  122. You gave your opinion and it seems as if your are attempting to get picked up by the soon to be cancelled “TALK.” Do you work for CBS? Your opinion is in the minority and not very believable. We didn’t need another journalistic show and I hope the host of “Big Brother” didn’t think that we wanted a serious show. We liked the pure light-hearted fun that went on everyday. When I was unemployed I was uplifted by the women of the Talk, now it is boring and uninspiring.

  123. I am disappointed in the firing.I  thought this show was so much better than the view, because it was funny and light hearted.I hate watching a show and waiting for the new season to find that most of the cast are gone. I son’t want to get used to them and then next season the same happen. get a group of women and stick with it.Its one thing if they can’t come back its sad but out of CBS hands then.

  124. It all comes down to this in a nut shell. Mrs Chen ( Julie) knew that the audience and the T.V. viewing audience loved Leah and Holly. Although, we enjoyed watching all of them as a complete circle Leah and Holly are the ones who kept the circle together by being our favorites and Mrs. Julie knew this. So she figured they had to go while the show was still new and she figured now is the time to replace them and that maybe we as a viewer would except the change eventually and she would no longer have to deal with LEAH and HOllY OUTSHINING HER!! Mrs. Chen could not handle not being a favorite and that those two women ( LEAH and HOLLY) outshined her and that we tuned in solely to see what Leah and Holly and of course Mrs. O as well would say next, that would entertain us. I now dont watch the show not because I am mad only because it just doesn’t entertain me anymore simple as that!! Its sad how Julie Chen doesnt recognise that with the cast she had, the show would have become a huge favorite made her and her hubby alot of money and the show would have lasted a long time but instead of having good business sense. She is letting her ego and jealousy have the better of her which says alot about her charactor.. Just Saying!!

  125. That’s you opinion… Read what the VIEWERS are saying about Leah and Holly being fired. If anyone should’ve been let go, it’s the boring introverted Sarah who is as interesting to watch or listen to as paint drying… Ms Osborne is great, love her on the show and Julie of course is the star host and I think was respected as such… she did her part great… but I’ve lost respect for how they fired them with no explaination to them or the fans… I hope they tank and get cancelled.

  126. Now that I know Leah and Holly r not coming back I will not be watching the talk they r the ones that made it different from the view and I hate the view

  127. I wish there was a way that the fans of Leah & Holly could get tickets for the show  ( for the same day ) Have T-shirts hidden with Leah & Holly’s picture on it , saying CBS screwed up. They ( Leah & Holly ) need to get their own talk show…and after sitting in audience , pull out the shirts and put them on over other shirt. That would be Funny as hell and CBS would be red faced along with Julie and the others….anyone game ?

  128. I really enjoyed Leah Remini and Holly, i thought that they made the show and for sure the ratings have gone dow because of this decision…..

  129. Maybe someone should do a U Tube poem or comment on CBS firing Leah & Holly…. I would but my computer isn’t capable of doing it. ;(

  130. I personally think Leah and Holly were very funny and both interesting sherian osborn as well the Talk Has not been the same liked the show better with them

  131. I can not believe your article.  I laughed the hardest when Leah and Holly were in the conversation.  They ARE HILARIOUS!!  

    Even if you think CBS ‘got their act together’, do you really agree with HOW they did it?  No warning, no explanation?  It still has not been addressed.  It was UNprofessional!  and NOT a good idea!

    I can’t wait to hear that The Talk has been cancelled — they play DIRTY!

    1. I don’t agree with how they did it. When a Talk show presents itself as having a “real” discussion — then they should be “real” with the audience about their choices. Take down the fourth wall — it’s the only road to success.

  132. To each his own, I guess. I am not enjoying the show without Leah, Holly and Mrs. O .
    Leah is a comedienne.. Mrs. Jenner is blah, and has nothing new to offer except the
    gossip her children “jennerate”..I trust this show will have a short shelf-life now..
    CBS can do better..

  133. Julie Chen is a bitch just like Barbara Walters. You took a fun show and I’m done watching it. I’m a nobody but a nobody that doesn’t like the new show at all. Leah, Holly and Mis Sharon MADE THE SHOW.

      1. yes, Dishmaster a bitch. and like her, you too are a bitch. Holly, Leah, and Sharon were the only reason i watched the show. Leah was a funny, outgoing person who was not afraid to speak her mind. Which brought humor to the table. and if Leah were to become a comedian then she would be a dam good one. So shut the hell up. Plus, Julie could have mentioned they left the show in the season opener, but instead she acted like a stuck-up rich ass whip and pretended like they never hosted the show!! I tried to watch the show without Leah and Holly, but it didn’t work out because it is boring as hell. If i wanted to watch a lame show then i would be watching The View. and how in the hell is Leah “the rare breed of annying, which includes thinking you’re funny when you’re not”?? you are just a dumb bitch who can’t get your facts straight Leah, next to Sharon, was the funniest person on that show!!

        and for the record, i will no longer be watching that dumb ass show! I bet it wont make it to a 3rd season with out Holly and Leah!

        1. I have to agree with  T.V. Fan – Julie Chen is a bitch – and I’m a woman.  She’s uptight and annoying.  I LOVE Leah – she had me in hysterics. Loved Holly also.  Sharon is amazing – she’s hysterical and down to earth.  Sara can be boring – but I loved her rappor with Leah – they were funny together.  Now I can’t stand the show.  They have a different host every day.  Holly, Leah and Sharon made the show – agree 100%

      2. I am sooo upset that Holly and Lea are off “The Talk ” its just pitiful that the network made changes without the opinion of us the viewers. Cheryl sucks.I will NOT BE WATCHING ANYMORE!!!

        1. Wat did CBS do. Throw all black female entertainers names in a hat and Cheryl was the only one picked who didn’t say HELL STINKING NO!!! CBS NEEDED A BLACK FACE SO BAD THEY TOOK ANYONE WHO SAID YES…CBS HAS NO VLASS. THEY REALLY RUINED A GOOD THING…LEAH HOLLY AND SHARRON MADE THAT SHOW!!!

  134. Totally disagree with this writer.  Julie is stiff and cold-like a robot.  Sarah is boring!  Holley and Leah were fresh and funny.  Julie needs to work on talk show that is political and boring-she would be perfect.  The new cast are not funny,but annoying and I will not watch this show. 

  135. I don’t happen to agree at all with the “opinion” stated in this article.  First of all I don’t think I’ve ever seen 5 women who “gel” better so I’m not sure what this writer’s perception of “gel” is; whatever it is, it’s nowhere near to what mine is.  I happen to think Leah was extremely funny, endearing and ever so exuberant (do I detect some cryptic jealousy of her in this writer’s article?).  The obvious bond between Leah and Sara Gilbert always touched my heart.  I used to rush home after work to watch “The Talk” that I recorded every single day on my DVR. (not so eager to watch anymore)   I enjoyed Holley’s contribution as well.  I found her well spoken and very intelligent.  I feel the axing of these two co hosts was  a huge mistake and may very well lose them a lot of their viewing audience. I have nothing against Kris Jenner (in fact, she’s absolutely adorable not only in looks but in personality)  Sheryl Underwood is very pleasant and entertaining too.  Still the show without Leah and Holly is sorely, sorely, extremely sorely lacking!!!!!

  136. CBS you really screwed up the best talk show out there when you got rid of Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini.  I don’t care what you say, they MADE  “The Talk” funny and interesting.  Now I find it dull and like watching paint dry.  I waited for Sharon Osbourne to come back this week and even she can’t carry it alone.  You screwed up…you not only lost Peete and Rimini…you lost my viewership….

  137. Since no one has said why Leah & Holly were “fired” all we as fans can assume is that Julie Chen thinks she & her CBS husband have control over everyone’s life.  Well, I for one have always enjoyed Leah’s spunk and comic timing and Holly was just a joy to watch.  Sara Gilbert has the personality of a rock and I have yet to be able to keep from grimacing every time she opens her mouth.  Now that I am aware that Leah & Holly will no longer be on the show AND that Chen didn’t even have the kahoonas to let the public know that they were “dismissed”, rest assured my TV will be on another station during the “Talk” & “Big Brother” from now on.  Who wants to watch that self righteous b**** on any channel?

  138. I really hate it when a show is perfectly fine as it is and they screw around & mess it up. I will not watch it without Leah & Holly.  I didn’t  mind guest hosts once in awhile but prefer the original five. You have lost another viewer.

  139. I am totally upset with the decision to fire Lisa Remini and Holly Robinson Pete. The two along with Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen and Sharon Osborne made this show. The chemistry between these five women was what made me DVR the show everyday. I couldn’t wait to come home from work and watch the show. It made me laugh and forget what a horrible day I had. CBS you made a BIG!!!!!!!! mistake.

  140. CBS just lost a whole House full of viewers here. Yous suck and all our friends wont watch either!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!! 

  141. whoever made this comment about leah is stupid.Leah was the best thing happen to that show.So keep your stupid comments to yourself.

  142. I agree with the dish master but I have a feeling that Leah and Holly were not asked back because they both constantly made Sarah a butt of a joke. Sarah being one of the co creators of the Talk. Leah would make fun of the way Sarah raised her kids and her being a vegan and Holly would, too. Leah and Holly were doing it in a loving way but maybe it was too much and Sarah was not happy about that, just saying…….I like Cheryl Underwood she brings a sense of humor to the table. I like different hosts it’s still a cool show.

  143. I’m just wondering.Are you from CBS or something? You are STUPID!!!! you should take the time to read the audience’s Tweets as well as FB postings.The Talk has now sadly lost almost it’s entire viewers!!!.You must be close to Julie or Sarah huh?.Oh wait you must be the ONLY one tunning in to the stupid show LL LOL LOL!!! WE want Leah Remini back or at least she should have her own show!!!!

  144. I actually miss both of them. The show is different without them. But what do I know I’m just a veiwer. But I do think if they listened to the veiwers they might learn something.!!!

  145. When I first started watching ‘The Talk’, I couldn’t wait to see it the next day.  The five had a relationship with each other that made the show work.  Some funny, some more serious, some in-between.  ‘The View’ on the other hand is the boring one.  Someone is always mad at someone else on that show, or quitting because of someone else.  ‘The Talk’ personnel seem to be very friendly with each other and always doing things together outside the show.

  146. I hate that Holly Robinson Peete and Lisa Remni were let go.  They both bought something unique to the show.  Lisa Remni was very comical too me along with Sharon Osborne.  Now the show is dry with ghetto comedy.  Holly Robinson had some good and real points and was very natural.  They are not robots and should not have been made to be.  I think the person who needs to leave is fake Julie Chen.  She appears to be fair and bias, but she is a real bitch behind the scenes.  Too dry and stuck up for me, this show will not last, I guarantee it.  I hated when she said that marijuana should be legalized, what does that tell you.  How degrading, God does not approve, and He will have the last word.  No one is more powerful than HIM.

  147. The show is over for me! Leah & Holly made it interesting and funny! Now I will watch something else, I dont have time to waste on this show.

  148. If you want to be heard by CBS….go to CBS.com. Go to the drop down box , click on The Talk. then click on complaint , request or there was another option. Then you can type in your comments. That way CBS hears from you directly . I did that weeks ago. Of course , I never heard back from them , but they sure heard from me about this…..

  149. Leah was the best and I am not ever watching the talk again, could of gotten rid of Sara.I don’t think she would have been missed.

  150. The author of this article appears to be very far up Julie’s glute’s. I am guy and the times that I got to watch the show with my wife on DVR, I thought Leah and Holly made the show interesting and funny. Now my wife refuses to watch the show and I don’t blame her. True to form for the guilty white entertainment industry, they had to put a black person on their to replace Holly. Don’t worry I’m also black so I can say things like that. The new lady is funny, but she is funny as a stand up comedian. The other new host is just plain boring. The show’s new ratings just came out and because viewership is down they had to go to the trusted “ratings are still the same with certain demographics” excuse. Guys know what I’m talking about when I say this, “if I’m going to sit and watch something with my wife it better be funny otherwise it’s just torture. Good luck ladies you’re going to need it.

  151. The author of this article appears to be very far up Julie’s glute’s. I am guy and the times that I got to watch the show with my wife on DVR, I thought Leah and Holly made the show interesting and funny. Now my wife refuses to watch the show and I don’t blame her. True to form for the guilty white entertainment industry, they had to put a black person on their to replace Holly. Don’t worry I’m also black so I can say things like that. The new lady is funny, but she is funny as a stand up comedian. The other new host is just plain boring. The show’s new ratings just came out and because viewership is down they had to go to the trusted “ratings are still the same with certain demographics” excuse. Guys know what I’m talking about when I say this, “if I’m going to sit and watch something with my wife it better be funny otherwise it’s just torture. Good luck ladies you’re going to need it.

  152. Well, Leah and Holly made The Talk a whole lot better than it is right now.

    Julie Chen cares about looking good for the camera. Sara Gilbert is shy and a little boring. Sheryl Underwood is annoying, obese, and pretty much the lady of my nightmares. Sharon Osbourne is okay but still should have been fired instead of Holly because of her comments. 

  153. I don’t watch The Talk anymore.  I just don’t enjoy the new co-hosts.  Bring back Leah, Holly and Mrs. O…..please.

  154. i think cbs made a big mistake letting leah and holly go, i loved leah on king of queens, not funny, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? whatever your lose!!!!

  155. I am w/everybody else about liking Remini and Robinson.   I am so sorry they are gone.    I do like Underwood though.   DO NOT LIKE KARDASHIAN.   The whole family is never watched in our household.   Just wanted to add my say.   Would love to see Remini and Robinson again.   Thank you.


  157. I personally was a custom to watching the talk with its original cast. It seems very strange to me that there hasnt been a explaination for where they went! In my opinion, CBS just left their viewers up in the air without an explaination what so ever! Come on CBS I think you owe your Talk Fans something!    

  158. To also add to my comment is Why Cherryl Underwood of ALL people? I have seen her stand up act in person and was totally insulted by her. She comes on as VERY racisis against white people . As a matter of fact she said and I quote” I like white people,I keep them in my basement!!” To do the white jokes I dont care about-doesnt bother me, but to ride it for over 20 mins and direct it to the only two white people in the whole club is something else. Every since all that took place I have shunned anything to do with her,even after Andrew Ford had her appologize aftre the show makes no difference to me. And with ALL THAT- Again WHY put her on a show where SHE has to put HER two cents in in front of a kazillion viewers!!?? Plus IS SHE REALLY that FUNNY??

  159. I think that the talk is a great show but I wish that you would bring back Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini   the ones that you have on there replacing them is terrible. I would sooner see and listen to Holly and Leah than Sarah Gilbert. She brings the whole show down.  And sherry ? the colored woman has a very bad mouth . She should be banned from the show.  and the one that replaced Holly is terrible. 

  160. There is VERY few people who would agree with this main comment! The show is nothing without Leah and Holly!! I think probably CBS had something to do with writting that they should have been fired. Alot of people would dissagree, and soon CBS will to when the show gets canceled. Lol

  161. The show sucks now!  I like Leah and Holly.  Now it is boring.  Before it was one of the only shows I watched as much as I could.  Now, forget it.  At least it frees up that part of my day, now that I won’t watch anymore.  That makes me sad.

  162. I agree with you DISHMASTER. I cannot tolerate Leah Reminis mouth. She is rude and big mouthed and she acts exactly the same way on The Talk as she did on King of Queens. As for Holly Peete, I really didn’t notice much of anything about her. All she ever had to talk about was 21 Jump Street or her husband. I’m happy they got rid of Leah, regardless of what all her “fans” on this post say, I am the ONE that does agree with you DISHMASTER.

  163. Think you are wrong. Leah did make me laugh and it was her that make the show and Holly to. I don’t think any of them are funny but together it was. I know longer watch the show.. I did try but it’s not the same any more..Please bring them back and try to work it out… Thank you..

  164. This review is such a load of crap… Leah and Holly were the only funny, entertaining people on the show … Sharon’s opinions are predictable and Julie needs to buy a personality… I haven’t watched one episode since the’ve been gone … Totally uninteresting cast

  165. What was CBS thinking?  I only watched the show because of Leah, Holly and Mrs. O.  Sara and Julie are boring!  Have stopped watching the show–don’t enjoy new women.

  166. the show was a success because it was the opposite of the view with its liberal slant, Holly and Leah were the conservative voice of reason, now that the show is going liberal I predict it wont last long.

  167. Are you serious? Leah not funny? She made the show! Chris Jenner? Really? She comes on the show I am guaranteed not to watch, she is one of the most annoying human beings I have ever seen on TV. As for Chen, I hear she is the one that made the decision to axe Leah and Holly. Good job screwing up a good show.

  168. Well you are SO WRONG. The talk not only got it WRONG, but the wrong people were let go. If they truly had reason to let Leah and Holly go it would have been made known at the beginnning of the second season why it was so right to not “renew” their contracts. Leah is funny, she has many many fans and together her and Holly made the show interesting. The new people The Talk has on there are b o r i n g. Holly and Leah both are class acts whom dont tell stories about any of situation, which only shows us they are TOO GOOD to be on a show that treats their staff with disregard. They are better off on their own.  The only one they have it right with is Sharon and she obviously isnt totally happy with it either, you can tell by her body language. I am sure my comments wont matter to those of ;you that disagree with me but I am sure the ratings and the cancellation that will arise from it will show you.

  169. I think that the only reason Julie Chen has the job on this show is because her husband is the top dog at ABC nepotism at its best.  So she will never be fired no matter how horrible she is.  I don’t like Julie and never willl she is not anything for show business.  She does nothing for entertainment which is what show business is all about.  This show is about show business which is what Holly Robinson Peete knows all about.  So this show is going down hill fast when they fire two of the greatest in the entertainment industry.  The best with KING OF QUEENS – Leah Remini, but she will land on her feet.  As this show is such a bust and why does TV need talk shows.  I could care less if this show goes off the air.  I would rather see another good comedy than a low rated talk show. So goodbye I hope to another stupid talk show that only has stupid people trying to tell the world how to think.

  170. I personally think who ever wrote this article needs to get real!!! When I first watched the show I felt like Ms. Julie Chen ws clearly the prima donna of the show and does not know how to handle power like a lady. If this show is called the TALK then where is the TALK about what happened with your bad choices of firing the other hosts? Sweeping your dirty laundry under your TALK table just rubs peop0le the wrong way and will come back to bite you in your expensively dressed tail Ms. Julie Chen!!! I predict your show will not last even though your husband is Les Moonves. To men like that the bottom line is number 1!!!

  171. leah is funny – that is a fact not an opinion. You should not be critiquing the subject when obviously you have no knowledge of it in your un-funny brain to pull from

  172. I liked the talk a lot and watched it everyday when Leah and Holly were on. Now I don’t watch at all because I watch “ANDERSON” and I like it very much. I willnever watch the talk again and that means never because they ruined the show. O well,Their LOSS and MY GAIN.                       Shalilly

  173. I watch the talk every day on my break at work. I was saddened when I learned that Leah and Holly would not be returning to the show. Now on my break, I continue to watch the talk on my break. I happen to love Cheryl Underwood. She’s a very funny comedian. I also like Aisha Taylor. She’s a great actress. Life goes on. Don’t blame the new people. Everybody replaces someone at one time or another.

  174. I startted watching The Talk last summer loved it, Favs: Leah and Holly, so i was home for the day and no Leah and Holly, after googling and finding out their departure, makes me sad, when I watched just wasn’t the same so won’t watch anymore, I do like the chew though so bye bye.

  175. The only Julie Chen is the hostes of The Talk is because of who her husband is, the president of CBS.  Open your eyes, she is Not beautiful or talented!!!  HER ONLY TALENT IS ” THE OLE IN IS NOT WHAT U KNOW IT IS WHO U KNOW”  She didn’t like Leah because she said what was on her mind and Julie didn’t agree with her remarks and she sure had a lot more LOOKS than Julie. BUT SHE WASN’T MARRIED TO THE PRESIDENT OF CBS!!!!!   U want to see someone beautiful, look at that beauty sitting next to Julie!  There is someone really funny is the one on the other end , now she is funny, the lesbian, she is so sweet,  THE ONLY THING JULIE HAS IS SHE THE WIFE OF THE PRESIDENT – PERIOD !

  176. Leah and Holly were the show. Cannot watch it any more so boring. They should start their own show The Real Talk. Julie your husband is stupid.

  177. I watched Holly on Nate Bercus today and she said she was very suprized that she(and leah) were suprized that they were not asked to return to the show. I guess she and Leah where to much compatishion for JULIE (jerk)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it was just a matter of time before we started to see Leah and Holly.on T.V. again. There so much better than Julie and shedidn’t like the competision.           Shalilly

  178. I liked Holly and Leah they were great on the show.  I think that the made the show.  It wasn’t fair that Julie tried to be the boss or leader of the show.  She always interuppted them while they were sharing their points of view.  Just because her husband owns CBS.  If it wan’t for Sarah the show wouldn’t be on the air. I think that Sarah should be the one running the show. The one that takes Julies chair (if you know what I mean).  Also it is crazy that they always have to say “In my opinion, which has nothing to do with CBS. ” We all know that it is their opinion and not CBS.  Isn’t that what there are there to do, to give their opinions and talk about things.  They shouldn’t have to always so “IN MY OPINION.” 

  179. I think that Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were the 2nd and 3rd best host of The Talk and I also thought that Leah was quite funny. If anybody should have been let go it should have been Melissa Gilbert’s sister she really doesn’t add anything to the show. I think that Holly was very real and you could relate to her. I’m  a  guy and I really liked the show…..now without Holly and Leah I really don’t watch it . Of course Julie is good at what she does and will never get fired even if she wasn’t good because she’s married to the  boss of CBS ! The one s they have on there now can’t even touch Holly and Leah…..boy it makes you think What in the World was CBS thinking….one thing’s for sure the powers that be at CBS surely don’t  know TALENT…..but then isn’t that everywhere….just look at Justin Beiber ? Is that his name……He Really sucks ! LOL

  180. i just found out that leah and holly won’t be returning. that sucks. they were the funny ones. cheryl needs to go back to comic view, or queens of comedy. she is not that funny to me, and she is not a good fit. and what did they think..that they could get another slim black chick and we would think she was holly. lol! hott mess

  181. WRONG SO WRONG, i LOVED THE SHOW AT FIRST AND NOW THAT HOLLY AND LEAH LEFT IT IS SOOO DRY! I think Holly & Leah represent “REAL WOMEN” , all over NOT just one type, and that’s what made the difference!  Holly & Leah I miss u being on The TALK , AND i NO LONGER WILL BE WATCHIN! And it’s talk about Kris Jenner comin on, Oh sure that’s Real ….. Pls give me a break !

  182. i am so glad with this..i never did care for leah especially..she just seemed to try to hard..to be ignorant…while i wish holly the best…she just didnt fit well here..i think maybe they should keep doing a guest host thing its kind of nice to get fresh opinions and different aspects that might be a good thing

  183. I like Leah, she says whats on her mind.  Holly, I didn’t like at first but any woman that has that many children AND has one that is as ill as hers is and she is so devoted to him and the organization to help him and other children that are struck with the same thing, I give her all the credit in the world.  The biggest BITCH of all is the one who’s husband is the president of CBS, (the only reason she is on tv at all)  She thinks she is God!  She is ignorant to all who are on the show from the guests to the other on the panel. She is NOT beautiful. Take all that crap off her face and she would scare us more than she already does.  I know no one who likes her, maybe her husband but then again who knows what she does to him!!!! He is probably a big pussy to say the least.  I pitty anyone who has to work for her.  I am surprised Sharon is still there, she is not the type to take any crap from anyone!    The one who said Julie is beautiful, tell her she should take her blinders off.  Or explain beauty is only skin deep but Julie doesn’t even have that.  Her personality is so ugly to everyone there is nothing that can slip through that. She is a horrible  person.

  184. Without them on the show now, the show sucks and when i mean it sucks, it sucks a**. i only watched it because Holly and Leah because they were funny. Whoever wrote this is an idiot, because you are soooo wrong. Kris Jenner is not funny and she and her slutty daughters can just go back to the rock the came under from. CBS is a stupid station now, Julie Chen’s husband can go suck it. 

  185. Julie Chen is an egomaniac, broke up a marriage, then had “Moonbeam” fire Hannah Storm, who was a far superior journalist to her.  the talk, is an opinion based show, exactly what does that have to do with being a competent Journalist?  Extremely lame article, try to keep your Moonvies Prize trophy from influencing your articles!

  186. Since my two favorites are no longer members of the cast I no longer care to watch the show. I think it was a terrible mistake not to invite them back. I know that show lost alot of veiwers. People are always trying some new crap when nothing was wrong with it in the first place. CBS is really missing up with this new fangled mess.

  187. i am in disgust ..Hollyand Leah are real!…Marissa was good…Sara has no persoanlity…but I guess because her , Julie and Sharon are producers…they can not be let go…i have seen the show with the two new co hosts…it is good but not the same… thank god that Kris Humpries did not join…she is not good or effective

  188. OK, so I a a little behind.  I tuned into “The Talk” today to see Leah (and ONLY Leah) and she wasn’t there.  I was very disappointed and Leah was the only reason I ever watched the show.  What I saw today were a group of women discussing Newt Gingrich – (I only watched the “Newt” part) saying the exact same things that my friends and I have said about him for YEARS!  Their discussion gave me absolutely nothing new.  My friends and I could have done this talk show years ago.

  189. When I first saw The Talk I said to myself “this is another Veiw and that they were coping that show”. The more I watched show the better I liked it. Leah was so funny. It releved me to see someone be their self. Leah was so funny it relaxed me and got me to the point where as I was looking forward to seeing them.  Julie a very good host. It surprise me to she how funny she is. I thought she would be stuck up but she wasn’t…just down to earth so you can see the other side of her.
      I must say I miss Leah and Pete. Well I’m back to looking at the Veiw

  190. I haven’t watched the talk in a while but lately I’ve seen a buttload of commercials for the show and noticed Leah wasn’t in them, so i googled it and found this article. I personally think Julie and Leah just didn’t mesh and that’s why she got canned. Leah had a very strong personality and spoke the truth and some people can’t handle it. They prefer the sugarcoated version of reality. I could really care less about Holly and I think Aisha is a very good replacement. Those of you who watched her host The Soup years ago would know that she’s pretty funny. The other host looks like the guy from SNL dressed in drag. I know Sarah and Leah were good friends off the show, I wonder if they still are. And even though Sarah is very boring, I grew up watching her on Roseanne so I like her. She looks like its very awkward for her to be there. The show will probably be off the air soon because they are promoting the crap out of it.

  191. Don’t miss Marissa, Holly has her hands full with her son, and JULIE BEAUTIFUL, ARE U BLIND??>???  or related>????? The only reason she is there is she is married to the president of CBS!!!   She knows nothing about nothing.  The only thing about are her clothes and her shoes!

  192. Bravo Coraguzzo, except I do love Sara. I want my Leah and my Holly back. I wish they would start their own show. And if they produce it themselves they won’t have to worry about having their option droped. As for the Kardashians, please I can’t stand these people anymore. Enough is enough! And in my opinon that marriage was a scam for Fame. I feel so sorry for that boy, whom I believe was duped. I think he was really in love. He was totally used.

  193. The two that were fired are the ones
    that made it interesting. The two new ones are boring and stupid, especially the black woman, I do not watch it now along with a lot of my friends. Bring them back.

  194. Well that goes to show you that even though these woman are celebrities their jobs are just like any other job in the world. You can be fired in an instant without a reason to be fired. That’s the way life goes.

  195. I only watched the show to see Leah and Holly. They were the only two on the show that realistic opinions and were funny as hell. The rest of the girls on the show are boring! Especially Julie Chen! This show sucks now. I always change it when it comes on!

  196. I only tuned into this to see Leah Remini…Then suddenly she was noticeably absent.  If Leah Remini is anything like her character on King of Queens,(which I’m sure she is) I bet the others couldn’t HANLDE her confidence and truthfullness.  It worked GREAT on a sitcom, but in real life people just hate and resent you because you are everything they wish they could be (me included)  Hope to see you again Carrie!  Friggin LOVE you!

  197. very disapointed to see them leave! the show just is not as good! I thought they were funny and a good group! have not watched it since!

  198. I loved Leah Remini in the series “The King of Queens”!  SHE made the show credible. But please!….Leah wasn’t funny at all on The Talk. Very disappointed in her actions. Too outrageous. I NEVER watch The Talk anyway. I would, however love to see Leah on another series again, or a movie…a drama maybe 🙂

  199. I have not watched The Talk since Leah and Holly left the show.  I found them to be the only interesting sincere people.  I did try to watch one show and could not get through the entire program.  CBS really gets on my nerves.  King of Queens never won anything because I do not feel CBS ever promoted the show which I watch every single day in reruns to this day.  They had something there and let it go.  Most on that show deserved some sort of recognition compared to what they give out awards for today.  A lot of talent and they were a terrific cast of characters.

  200. I do not like anyone there now.the are a bunch of looney! It was my favourite show before,now do not watch it anymore.Miss leah and holly.you were the best.thanks for those months.really enjoy it.

  201. Wow, just wanted to comment that you’re a complete moron. Kris Jenner being a good host? You think some plastic ‘reality tv/scripted shit show’ lady would make a good host and that Julie Chen is the best one? I googled Leah getting fired and came across this blog looking for a quote and I must say… lol … you’re everything that’s wrong with America. Thanks for the pity laughs, I thank the universe everyday that with my upbringing I avoided being raised as another mundane idiot.

  202. Totally disagree.  Why would anyone want another liberal loudmouth like Joy Behar? The Talk is a different show than The View.  The panel on Talk are more in touch with everyday people, and Leah Remini was the best of the bunch in that regard.

  203. Leah and holly made that show! The only reason why people watched it was because of them. Now all that is left on this show is 4 boring women with the exception of sharon. Julie Chen couldn’t handle not having all the attention. She’s pathetic! She’s a nobody! The only reason that show is still on is because she’s married to the owner of the network. Don’t worry the show will be cancelled soon enough.

  204. the biggest mistake was when they let leah Remini go from the talk… I think Julie Chen does not want anyone to outshine her!!  The group just does not fit well anymore.. I really wasn’t crazy about Holly but Leah was so hysterical with her wackiness.  I don’t rerally watch like i use to even though it comes on automatically i don’t sit and watch it like I did with a good cup of coffee.  Julie has to get off her high horse and come back down to earth.  Don’t get me wrong I like Julie but the changes she made this season will come back and bite her in the ASS hard ! 

  205. Leah Remini was the only reason I watched the show.  Sara Gilbert is so-o-o boring.  Why is she still on the show? 

  206. Leah Remini was the only reason I watched the show.  Sara Gilbert is so-o-o boring.  Why is she still on the show? 

  207. I stopped watching after Leah left. And yes, she’s a comedian, she was the co-star of King of Queens, a sit-COM from 1998-2007. That’s like saying Lucille Ball was not a comedian…and honestly, you’re saying she’s not as good as Joy Behar? As Seth and Amy would say, Really?!?

    1. A funny actor is not the same as a funny comedian. It’s easier for a comedian to transition to acting than it is for an actor to transition to a non-scripted, comedic format.

  208. To lady that said Leah Remini not funny are you kidding me!!!! What darn planet are you visiting from She is very entertaining was the Only reason i watch in first place very funny…. Julie would never be where she is except NOW IF HER HUSBAND did’nt put her there Big Brother FLOP SHE IS TO BLAME leah, and Holly were stealing the show funny !!!!!! Jealousy just plan old Jealousy….Leah stole the show on there  she is GREAT was hilariosly funny  REMEMBER a thing called KING OF Queens  so darn funny……… Julie  i think your insecure and a power freak i would never what the talk EVER AGAIN……………………..

  209. As soon as I found out that Leah & Holly were not returning my DVR was no longer set up to record “The Talk”…I loved the show for the reason they pushed the envelope..this is truly at least in my experience how women truly interact we all have different ways of expressing ourselves we are seldom politically correct because we are amongst FRIENDS who TALK, unless we are amongst our hubby’s our “talk” tends to tone down a tad (hint hint Julie)…Leah & Holly were to me the most genuine & funny..

    I was a Julie Chen fan but watching her from the time show started till the first season ended she became less of the Julie Chen I had known her to be, she actually did take the part of Barbara Walters who I am not a big fan of…Miss Julie is even different on the last Big Brother series, don’t know what is going on but she is just not the same down to earth person she has appeared to me in the past.

    Oh, my goodness Sharon please she was the reason I was grateful for DVR’s ..I actually could fast forward when she came out with her nonsense…Joy Behar move over…I thought she was a tad vulgar & crude sometimes & Leah helped her out a few times that Miss Sharon “put foot in mouth”

    Sara well that is what happens when you have a great idea & you let the big whigs take over, you take the back seat & your like Sara who?..

    It is a shame but I guess only proves that office politics & drama happens everywhere….

    Hey, Leah & Holly why not try to get a talk show of your own…I know I would so watch!!! 

  210. I quit watching when Leah and Holly left the show. Julie Chen is just so prim and proper when the truth is she would not have that job/position if she were not married to the man bankrolling it. She is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Same for Sara. Her glory days were over long long ago. She is pathetic! Sharon Osbourne is just an old druggie-loving bimbo!!!! Her intelligence was established when she stayed with that weirdo. Not sure why after all of the drugs and encounters with other women. Guess she needs him to be able to keep her “job”. The Talk is a pitiful copy of the very successful”The View”. Time to give it up ladies. Your show has nothing to offer.

  211. I’m not really a fan of such shows but that this mess is on a show that CBS is running?  No surprise there.

  212. who the fuck wrote that editorial up top?  man i could not be more diametrically opposed to someone’s views on humanity and the process of being human (humour, talent, etc.) than this person.  who are you, you’ve got to be my nemisis.

  213. The big prob is Chen.  She is not a good host, but  isn’t she married to one of the producers or has an in.  That show needs help, Chen and a few of the others are out of their league.  This show will never be like The View!!!!!

  214. Well this is a joke,Everyone was wondering where is Holly, where is Leah. it was so cold the way they left ,, and was replaced with what nothing better. I stopped looking at The Talk  because I and a lot of people feel it is stupid, the hosts are stupid and their content is repetitious of the view. Go away u are not the ladies of the view.  Pooooooo.

    1. The issue is that the remaining hosts never discussed Remini and Peete’s departure while on the air. When you don’t openly acknowledge a decision, it looks to the public as if you have something to hide. Star Jones had a very ugly departure, but Barbara Walters openly told America what happened, and they felt she wasn’t good for the show anymore. Once she did that, she squashed the inquiry. CBS drastically mishandled the fall-out.

  215. Well this is a joke,Everyone was wondering where is Holly, where is Leah. it was so cold the way they left ,, and was replaced with what nothing better. I stopped looking at The Talk  because I and a lot of people feel it is stupid, the hosts are stupid and their content is repetitious of the view. Go away u are not the ladies of the view.  Pooooooo.

  216. I agree with letting Holly Robinson Peete go.  That’s right – she was neither funny nor interesting.  But, on the contrary, I thought Leah Remini was the funniest one there.  She made me laugh.  The only problem she had, though, was that she tried to rob the spotlight just a bit too much.  Someone should have let her know, but not let her go.

  217. I just feel that the show has become to sexually based now and
    Cheryl is more of a balance but I liked the show better when they
    had Holly and Leah. I think they should bring Kris Jenner into the fold.

    1. I’m not a fan because of the elephant in the room that they never address. If you have a talk show, then be real, and talk about the issues that America is talking about. And by “issues” — I mean Leah and Holly.

  218. Both Leah and Holly were really the bad apples in the group.  They need script writers as their personal opinions really suck.  I was glad they were removed.  I like Sara and Julie for their honesty and Sharon for her tongue-in-cheek comments,  but Sheryl is my reason now for watching the show.  She’s very smart and really funny.  I don’t get to watch the show when the Kardashians are there as they remind me to clean up and take out the trash.     

  219. Julie Chen is a true talent and you compare her to Babs and call her a real Journalist.??  And I own MARS..get outta here with that!  So laughable.  Do your research..Ever heard of …a guy called Moonves..might want to goggle him. 

    1. julie chen is very professional i think she make the talk interesting it is not good to judge other people

  220. The only reason I ever tuned in to The Talk was because of Leah an Holly, but especially Leah. She brought fresh air into the show, Sharon is the one who is Ghetto an a complete phony, Shame on Julie who let it happen being her husband is in charge, They are basically All Phony’s,,acting like all of them were best friends only to stab Leah & Holly in the back.I think Sharon & Julie were jealous of Leah & Holly because they knew people tuned in only to see them.. I will never watch the show again,especially with replacements that are on the show now and I don’t want to see Sharon Osbornes or Julie Chen’s face again!!!!!!!

  221. Sharon Osborne has no clout in getting a co-host fired.  But she shouldn’t have used the word ‘ghetto’  which is coming back to bite her.  Chemistry is important any show to be viable.  Even on “The View” the ladies there will butt heads, and disagree.  But they have chemistry and personalities play off each other well. 

    Leah sounds jilted and bitter {and she is making herself ghetto now}.  Glad Holly Robinson-Peete has more grace than her. 

  222. I don’t agree with some of what was posted.  Leah Remini was an attention grabber and I agree that she wasn’t funny and was totally out of her element.  Holly Robinson Peete is beautiful, funny, smart and talented.  She definately knows herself and her talents.  I believe Sharon was jealous of Holly’s talent compared to her own.  Sharon brings nothing to the table.  I’ll watch again when Sharon is replaced with someone just like Holly or, hey, Holly herself.

  223. Leah and Holly were funny and added a down to earth feel to the show. I do not watch The Talk much anymore. Sara adds nothing to the show, Julie and Sharon are the rich ones who do not relate to real women and our issues.  Its just one more talk show…. they are all the same….

    1.  I agree.  Leah and Holly were the best part of the show.  There is no good reason I would waste my time watching it now. 

  224. I thought the original cast got along well.  Leah and Holly were great.  I think the comedian who replaced Leah is annoying and thinks she is funny when she is not.  Holly was down to earth and quite enjoyable.  Sara tells it like it is and doesn’t try to dominate the show like the current comedian

  225. leah is ghetto and boring and she gotten soooo fat. she is annoying with her gwwedo italian accent!  good bye. and Holly is so boring too i mean really what has she done since 21 jump street “Nothing” who cares. i say NEXT!!!!

  226. Julie Chen a Journalist? Kinda, but her claim to fame is Big Brother — hardly hard journalism!!!  And this is an entertainment show, not hard core news.  The problem was egoes!  And it was just a bad matching of people!

  227. I too do not watch The Talk anymore.  Leah and Holly made the show.  Leah was very funny and I felt they all related to everyday women.  If anyone did not relate, it is Julie Chen.

  228. The Dishmaingster is another armchair quaterback who thinks they know something about everything. Hey Dishmaster your a fucking idiot wannabe crawl back under the rock you came from fatty fat

  229. I’m a man and I used to watch this show just because Holly and Leah were on.  I stopped as soon as CBS didn’t “pick up their options”. Chen is a rich robot that her husband the head of the network decided to give her, Gilbert has the personality of a wet napkin, and Sharon throws out the F word at least once an episode, hoping she can get her talk show or a new reality show back.  Seriously, did you really think when this show was concocted it was for the journalistic aspect, and I’m sorry other than the fact that the Kardashians are a nice piece of ass, they are far from relevant. 

  230. Of course Idiot Boy is happy.  As long as we read this junk he stays in business.  Stop reading and DeckBlaster is out of a job.  You are a cardboard cutout of a bvad idea.

  231. Julie Chen??? talented?? Let’s see a bomb on CBS Morning…that is not a surprise,  then Big Brother, then ???? Talent, ah yes!….show up and you become someone! Say something on a show and you are a star. 

  232. I have not hardly watched “The Talk” since Leah and Holly left the show, they were very funny and I loved their attitudes.Happy.

  233. Excuse me Dishmaker, you do not speak for the women of America.  Leah & Holly both added to the show because they shared their personal experiences.  They are two very down to earth women.  I too do not watch this show anymore because I felt they should not have been let go. 

    I do not believe that Sharon had anything to do with them being let go.  I believe that Julie may have felt threatened by these two women who are just as confident and capable as she.

  234. Excuse me Dishmaker, you do not speak for the women of America.  Leah & Holly both added to the show because they shared their personal experiences.  They are two very down to earth women.  I too do not watch this show anymore because I felt they should not have been let go. 

    I do not believe that Sharon had anything to do with them being let go.  I believe that Julie may have felt threatened by these two women who are just as confident and capable as she.

  235. I enjoyed both Holly,and Leah on the show.They besides Sara Gilbert was my reason for watching the show. 

  236. I’ve watched clips with Leah Remini in them; she’s very annoying and not really all that funny – down right obnoxious at times.  She was rude and constantly shouting out comments – if she’s that upset about it she should initiate her own talk show and see if anyone would be willing to pick it up – doubt it

  237. I’ve watched clips with Leah Remini in them; she’s very annoying and not really all that funny – down right obnoxious at times.  She was rude and constantly shouting out comments – if she’s that upset about it she should initiate her own talk show and see if anyone would be willing to pick it up – doubt it

  238. Leah was the comic relief.  I loved her on King of Queens and loved her on The Talk. She was hilarious and said what people were actually thinking but too afraid to say.  I loved how she would make fun of the other women, especially Sara and Julie cause they are so uptight.  Sara brings nothing to the show except her producer credit.  I don’t watch anymore. It’s boring.

  239. I’ve watched this show some and it’s just about as bad as the View. A bunch of women talking over each other and spending way too much time talking about nothing. The guests they have only get maybe 5 minutes.

  240. they need to give it, the women are nothing like the view.. holly?!!! really? why was she ever on there? now, leah…she was great…poor network, they have no clue who the real america feels comfortable and relateable with…

  241. Leah remini was very funny and very relevant to most average women we could relate to her family children and her overall personality I think iesha is very narrow minded and contraversal and I think Leah was much better on this show than her.i don’t watch the show too much anymore and neither do my friends and I still here comments about the show being better with her I have heard numerous others say the same

  242. Since Leah and Holly left I swore off the view. The red head is so fake. She goes on a show trying to teach on having ”class”. Geeez, you can’t teach the opposite of way you are. CBS needs to find some writers who can come up with some decent shows. Big Brother?? IS A JOKE.

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