Rosie O’Donnell Exits ‘The View’ in Musical Chairs Meltdown


Rosie O’Donnell exited ‘The View,’ and my patience for the show’s musical chairs chaos has now reached a boiling point. First, in no world would Whoopi and Rosie live peacefully on that panel, and any thoughts otherwise are recklessly stupid. Second, the behind-the-scenes bedlam that’s constantly reported in the New York Post is positioning the show as far less classy than it’s meant to portray, especially when it’s up against ‘The Talk,’ whose brand is the opposite. ‘The View’ is supposed to be caviar to ‘The Talk’s’ canned tuna, and it’s instead become imitation crab. Third, the producers need to get their shit together. If you pick a panel, you should stick with it. What you shouldn’t do is impatiently fire your hosts after they under-perform within weeks. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and they should trust their choices. If they don’t, then find new producers who can deliver their product on the first pass. That’s their job.

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