Elisabeth Hasselbeck Wants to Close Our Borders

The doe-eyed devil known as Elisabeth Hasselbeck advised on Ebola with a “close our borders” recommendation, and she packed her prescription with a very pretty bow about simultaneously “allowing aid” because . . . you know . . . she has a heart. Watch Hasselbeck discuss the Ebola issue with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institiute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases at the NIH. Fauci rightfully points out that closing the border would cause more mass chaos by hindering our attempts to contain the disease through help, at which point Hasselbeck basically asks if we can allow medical supplies, but not people. When Fauci expresses confusion, she tempers her tone, perhaps as a way to feign intellect. Enjoy the video below.

Fox & Friends Thinks Domestic Violence is Funny

The Baltimore Ravens released Ray Rice after TMZ published a very disturbing elevator video of a fight between him and his then fiance, which ended in Rice knocking her unconscious, followed by a feeble attempt to help her. The two married shortly thereafter, and she refused to testify against him. Though the NFL insists it did not see the video until today, many speculate that they had previously viewed the video and simply succumbed to pressure by suspending him upon it’s public release, instead of the much more lenient two-game suspension they previously gave him. And now that you have that back story, watch the video below to see Fox & Friends make light of domestic violence with bad jokes about “taking the stairs.” It’s nice to see that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has grown a sense of humor since leaving The View though. Sometimes a change of venue is just what the doctor ordered.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Blasts Rosie’s Return to ‘The View’

Seven years ago Rosie O’Donnell famously left ‘The View’ after a heated fight with Elisabeth Hasselbeck over Rosie’s controversial comments surrounding the United States government’s actions in Iraq. At the time, Rosie turned to Elisabeth to defend her amidst the media criticism, and Elisabeth refused. The ensuing argument involved finger-pointing, split-screening, and zero commercial breaks. Rosie never returned, but the ladies recently reunited for Barbara’s farewell show, which was seemingly sans drama. It’s since been rumored that Rosie will rejoin ‘The View’ beside Whoopi Goldberg, and Elisabeth pounced at the thought, proclaiming that Rosie “spit in the face” of our military, the network, and Elisabeth herself. She also said she suspects Rosie’s deal has been in negotiation for some time, given Rosie’s ease and ownership of the stage during Barbara’s farewell show.

While Elisabeth’s hot-headed immaturity is expected, these comments are especially shocking. First, they don’t make sense. Rosie O’Donnell already mended the melee with ABC during a pre-taped return to ‘The View’ prior to Barbara’s farewell show. Second, if ‘The View’ can fix a fight with Star Jones, they can certainly do the same with Rosie. Third, Rosie O’Donnell is an avid supporter of the United States military, despite her foot-in-mouth comment seven years ago. Her son attends The Citadel, and she has made many discrete donations to show her support. To resuscitate an argument that is seven years old can only indicate a hidden agenda. After all, if we are all held accountable for our worst moments, none of us would ever work again, including Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Perhaps she’s peeved that she got axed from the high-paying gig, and she’s gunning for Rosie as a result. There’s no other explanation. Listen to Elisabeth’s hateful comments below, and watch the second video for a refresh on the original argument.

Joy Behar Leaves The View — Is Elisabeth Hasselbeck Jealous?

When two of your star players exit within months of one another, one can’t help but compare their goodbye parties. Joy Behar basically got a Presidential sendoff, while Elisabeth Hasselbeck got a simple, “see ya later.” I realize Behar has been there longer, but the sharp difference begs the question — did Hasselbeck have bad blood with the ladies? Watch a clip from Behar’s last day below.

Quote of the Day: Whoopi Goldberg on Elisabeth Hasselbeck

20130417-110015.jpg“Let me tell you this about The View: I take a paycheck every other week. That’s all I do. I could give a sh-t what comes. I do my job — I have a contract. That’s where I stand. I don’t give a f-ck.” Whoopi Godlberg, on her concerns about who will replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Responds to Kristen Stewart’s Bombshell Affair — Double Standard?

When Elisabeth Hasselbeck insisted that we shouldn’t be “so quick to throw the Scarlett Letter on Kristen Stewart,” it became immediately clear that she’s queen of the double standard. And furthermore, the entire media is guilty of this too. Remember how we vilified Jude Law for cheating on Sienna Miller with his nanny? Had the celebrity in question been a man, God help him.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Discusses Republican Debate — Loses Her Mind

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. If you can’t discuss a topic on a topic-driven show without your head exploding, then it’s time for you to get another job. To put it simply, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is unprofessional. Perhaps she should look across the table to Barbara Walters who managed to interview some of the most heinous individuals in history without so much as blinking strangely. Grow up, Hasselbeck.