Elisabeth Hasselbeck Wants to Close Our Borders

The doe-eyed devil known as Elisabeth Hasselbeck advised on Ebola with a “close our borders” recommendation, and she packed her prescription with a very pretty bow about simultaneously “allowing aid” because . . . you know . . . she has a heart. Watch Hasselbeck discuss the Ebola issue with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institiute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases at the NIH. Fauci rightfully points out that closing the border would cause more mass chaos by hindering our attempts to contain the disease through help, at which point Hasselbeck basically asks if we can allow medical supplies, but not people. When Fauci expresses confusion, she tempers her tone, perhaps as a way to feign intellect. Enjoy the video below.

Fox & Friends Thinks Domestic Violence is Funny

The Baltimore Ravens released Ray Rice after TMZ published a very disturbing elevator video of a fight between him and his then fiance, which ended in Rice knocking her unconscious, followed by a feeble attempt to help her. The two married shortly thereafter, and she refused to testify against him. Though the NFL insists it did not see the video until today, many speculate that they had previously viewed the video and simply succumbed to pressure by suspending him upon it’s public release, instead of the much more lenient two-game suspension they previously gave him. And now that you have that back story, watch the video below to see Fox & Friends make light of domestic violence with bad jokes about “taking the stairs.” It’s nice to see that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has grown a sense of humor since leaving The View though. Sometimes a change of venue is just what the doctor ordered.