Bachelor Ben Flajnik Scolds Samantha — He’s a Jerk!

Ever since Ben Flajnik was eliminated on Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette, I’ve been saying he has anger issues. And he proved my point on last week’s show when he eliminated Samantha. She asked him why she has yet to receive an alone date and he scolded her for the inquiry. He called her highly emotional and impatient and then curtly told her to leave. Sure she seemed slightly nuts, but he’s an arrogant douche who should thank his lucky stars that a woman would even feign interest in him. Don’t pick on someone weaker than you, Ben. It’s just poor form.

7 thoughts on “Bachelor Ben Flajnik Scolds Samantha — He’s a Jerk!”

  1. i agree.  the guy is a total douche.  talks like an arrogant prick. goofy looking and probably makes $20K a year up in sonoma as a guys who picks grapes.  what a laughable fag. 

  2. Totally agree with you!  I can’t understand why the PhD student still likes him after he was so rude to her the TWO times that she tried to warn him that Courtney was not a good person.  What a jackass!  My opinion is that he and Courtney are perfect for each other!  Run, nice girls!  Run!!!!  You deserve MUCH better than temper tantrum Ben.  And Ben, you need to grow up before you think about getting married.  Yikes!


    He has anger issues and is completely unable to lend more than two seconds to a woman who doesn’t say exactly what he wants to hear. 

    It happened when he was rejected on the last season (yes, it’s understandable that you’re upset and angry, but you don’t talk so rudely to the bachelorette… you DON’T – was I the only one who caught that?!) and several times this season. 

    Any man who behaves like that as soon as something doesn’t go his way is not worthy of the promise of a lifetime from a genuine woman. 

    What a douche. What was ABC thinking?! This is laughable. 

  4. His treatment of Casey this past week was just as bad. I can’t watch the show the rest of the season. He makes me sick. He is the epitome of the JERK that no girl should want to date. 

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