Bachelor Ben Flajnik Scolds Samantha — He’s a Jerk!

Ever since Ben Flajnik was eliminated on Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette, I’ve been saying he has anger issues. And he proved my point on last week’s show when he eliminated Samantha. She asked him why she has yet to receive an alone date and he scolded her for the inquiry. He called her highly emotional and impatient and then curtly told her to leave. Sure she seemed slightly nuts, but he’s an arrogant douche who should thank his lucky stars that a woman would even feign interest in him. Don’t pick on someone weaker than you, Ben. It’s just poor form.

The Bachelor Ratings are Down — Ben Flajnik Stinks!@

When The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert reduced her romantic prospects down to a select few, I thought, “ABC is screwed on their next Bachelor. Everyone Ashley likes is boring and unattractive.” The network often picks a reject from the previous season to kick off the new season, because the viewers are already familiar with the star, which increases the likelihood of immediate ratings. But what do you do when the reject lacks the star power necessary to carry the series? In ABC’s case the answer is — cast him anyways. And they’ve paid the price with bad ratings. They should have cast someone entirely new, but I’m sure the powers-that-be felt it was too risky, considering their decision to cast the newbie Matt Grant led to its worst ratings of all time. It was a lose-lose. Perhaps Ashley Hubert should apologize to ABC for her taste in men.

The Bachelorette’s Dream Date With JP Rosenbaum

Most of the time, I love being single. I love going out every night and not having to answer to anyone at the end of my day. Having said that, there are a few choice moments when I miss having a relationship. First, when I have to squash a bug. I need a man for that. Second, when I need my tire changed. And third, when I watch ‘The Bachelorette’ and see Ashley Hebert on my dream date. Watch below.

Larry David Gives The Bachelorette Advice on ‘The Tonight Show’

On today’s late night shows, you don’t often see the first guest stick around for the second guest.  Mostly, they’ve got better things to do than to waste their time sitting next to someone less famous for an entire segment.  The problem with this new tradition is that there’s nothing funnier than watching A-listers take a back-seat to Z-listers.  Such was the case on ‘The Tonight Show,’ when The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert sat next to the legendary Larry David, who couldn’t resist chiming in on her love life.  The result is comedic bliss.  Watch below.
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