Katherine Heigl Wants to Return to Grey’s Anatomy — Shonda Rimes Laughing?

When actors become breakout stars of a television series, they inevitably want out of their contract to star in movies. Studios get angry, actors become defiant, and finally, after a predicted media meltdown, the network and studio decide they would rather have to rewrite a story-line than deal with a difficult, unhappy actor. But the actor soon discovers that the movie business brings more fame than money, because offers, no matter how big, are few and far between. Such was the case with Katherine Heigl, who kicked and screamed her way off of Grey’s Anatomy until she was finally released from her contract. And like the many actors before her (see David Caruso) — she wants back in. Shonda Rimes is probably tickled pink.

2 thoughts on “Katherine Heigl Wants to Return to Grey’s Anatomy — Shonda Rimes Laughing?”

  1. You are right about that but even though she kicked and screamed to be out, I would love to see her come back to the show. She is one of the reasons that I have watched the show for so long. I mean I don’t watch it that often since she left. I only watch it when I remember to go to DISHonline.com and set it to record. Sometimes when I know the next episode is going to be good I use DISHonline.com to make sure I don’t miss it. Other than that my co-worker from DISH fills in the blanks for me. If she was to come back to the show I would watch Grey’s Anatomy more like I use to. I can’t only hope!

  2. Absolutely bring her back, especially since Christina is leaving, please let Avery and April stay together. I hated that other girl, couldn’t even stand to watch her.

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