Casey S. Leaves The Bachelor — Still Loves Ex-Boyfriend

This scene on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor broke my heart. I know the immense pain of unrequited love, and the amount of effort it takes to stop making excuses and put aside the thoughts of “what could have been.” I also know what it’s like to be led on into thinking things will change despite a gut instinct that suggests otherwise. So when Casey S. left The Bachelor after her ex-boyfriend revealed to Chris Harrison that she is still in love with him, my heart broke for her. She clearly went on the show in an attempt to move on, and it failed. When she revealed her feelings to Ben Flajnik, he predictably made it all about himself and had absolutely no sympathy for a girl that was clearly in a tremendous amount of pain. Translation? — He’s a heartless, selfish prick and the worst bachelor in history. At least Chris Harrison hugged her.

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