Courtney Cox on Anderson — Calls ‘Cougar Town’ Title a “Mistake”

How many times will the Cougar Town folks blame the title for the bad ratings? I hate to be the bearer of bad news — but it’s not the title. In fact, the title is probably what initially drew viewers to the show. There are plenty of great shows that don’t get good ratings (see Arrested Development). You might be wondering why they chose such a campy title in the first place only to later complain about it. Here’s the short of it: Producers and writers can’t get studios and networks to put shows on the air these days without gimmicks. In today’s television world, you’d never see Mad About You, Cheers, or even Seinfeld (which would have been canceled after its low ratings in season one). But even though a show needs a gimmick to get the green light, a gimmick doesn’t guarantee its failure. I’m therefore fully confident that Cougar Town would have the same ratings with or without that title. Click the link below to see her interview.

Courtney Cox Calls Cougar Town a “Mistake”

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