Ashley Judd’s ‘Missing’ — Thrilling ABC Pilot

I read some of the reviews for ABC’s new Ashley Judd thriller, ‘Missing’, and all the Hollywood-big-hitters seem to hate it. Perhaps I’m missing something (pun intended), but I loved it. Ashley Judd is a force on screen, and she proves movie stars will always make for the best television stars. In fact, I thought the supporting players paled in comparison. I’ll refrain from a tedious plot summary, except to say that Judd plays an ex CIA agent who’s trying to locate her son after he’s been kidnapped. It’s unclear from the pilot why he’s been kidnapped, or what Judd’s work at the CIA actually involved, but I’m sure those details will unfold in the subsequent episodes. The one-note plot might be unsustainable for multiple seasons, but the pilot certainly caught my attention. Screw the Hollywood-big-hitters! The Dishmaster approves!

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