Cee Lo Green Chooses Erin Martin — In a Pus*y-Fog?

When Cee Lo Green chose Erin Martin over The Shields Brothers, an online fury erupted accusing Green of making his decision based on Martin’s looks. Though I’d love to agree, I would have sent both those clowns home. Erin Martin made my ears bleed, and The Shields Brothers seem like a washed up 80’s band that you’d see in the background of The Wedding Singer. I think it’s fair to say that Cee Lo will not be winning this season of The Voice.

One thought on “Cee Lo Green Chooses Erin Martin — In a Pus*y-Fog?”

  1. SHields Brothers atleast carried a tune, you may not like their sound, but at least it didn’t hurt the ears.
    I love the, I know for sure they would not have won the entire thing, but they for sure beat Erin. Actually Erin beat herself by sucking oh so bad.

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