Quote of the Day: Howard Stern on Leah Remini : “Stop Whining Like a B*tch”

“Stop whining like a bitch. You really think Sharon Osbourne had the clout to get you fired if you were really that great a talent on that show? The network executives want to make money, that’s all they care about. They don’t listen to Sharon Osbourne. Leah Remini’s out of her fu*king mind. The only one that was the ear of the network is Julie Chen because she’s married to Les Moonves. Leah Remini should man up. Stop blaming everybody. We’re entertainers. We’re disposable. When one of us drops dead they stick another one in, and they f*ck you over. Get over it. You got yourself fired. You didn’t light the world on fire.” Howard Stern on Leah Remini’s assertion that Sharon Osbourne got her fired from The Talk, and her Stern-related-tweets about Stern’s interview with Sharon Osbourne.

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