Cee Lo Green on Adam Levine’s Fragrance: “It Should Smell Jewish” — Anti-Semitic?

I will keep this as short as possible, because the Jewish Dishmaster is exhausted from having to explain why these types of comments are inappropriate. When asked by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live what Adam Levine’s fragrance should smell like, Green said, “It should smell Jewish.” If Levine was asked about Green’s fragrance, and Levine said, “It should smell black,” a firestorm would erupt. Furthermore, take a moment to define someone by something other than their color or religion. For example, If I were asked the same question about Adam Levine, I would have responded with, “It should smell douchey.”

11 thoughts on “Cee Lo Green on Adam Levine’s Fragrance: “It Should Smell Jewish” — Anti-Semitic?”

  1. adam should reply with your perfume should smell like a ni#$%”… it’s the same thing… this guy is a bigot

  2. Don’t you just love it when white Jews think they don’t have white privilege and think that their experiences with bigotry are equal to those of non-whites?

      1. Your condescending, unprofessional response is irrelevant to Tim’s comment. The Holocaust was religion-based white-on-white violence, not race-based violence. Though his comment is stupid, yours sinks to his level as you fail to see that the Jewish do indeed enjoy “white privilege” in comparison to other minorities.

    1. A bigot is a person who believes their own point of view and opinions are better than anyone else’s, to the point that they are angry and malicious to others with differing points of view and opinions. While this often applies to race and other stereotypes, based on Cee Lo’s comment, he may be an idiot, but that doesn’t make him a bigot.

  3. I totally agree with you Dishmaster…though as inappropriate as it is I’m sure there was no malice behind the comment…and I really don’ t think Mr. Levine thinks so either.

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