CT v. Diem on MTV’s Battle of the Exes: Rehash Their Breakup

Chris “CT” Tamburello and Diem Brown had the greatest love story ever captured on television and quite possibly the saddest, most frustrating breakup. From the bits and pieces I gathered, Diem dumped him for her “career,” telling him that they should revisit their relationship in five years time. CT moved on, and Diem later saw him on a reunion show, which included an overflow of tears and proclamations, such as, “I thought I was going to marry you.” Well, Diem — if you thought you wanted to marry the guy — then you sure made a big mistake dumping him, didn’t you? When MTV reunited the former lovebirds, I was sure they’d get back together. But when CT refused to make a move on Diem, she was clearly upset. CT finally said, “You dumped me. You don’t want me. Why are you torturing me?” Diem then cried like a teenager instead of listening to his point, followed by calling him a “monster.” CT then said, “I’m stuck with a psycho ex-girlfriend who is trying to nag me to death, and I can’t escape.” Despite Diem’s very convincing woe-is-me pity parade, I’m on CT’s side. If you didn’t want him, then don’t be surprised that he doesn’t want you. Fast forward to the 21 minute mark to see the insanity begin. And then take a moment to appreciate that God made such a beautiful blue-eyed specimen of a man known as CT. They sure don’t look that way where I come from.

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