Phillip Phillips Throws Away Steven Tyler’s Scarf — NO!!!!!

Here at The Dishmaster, I try to abide by the long-standing principle, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” But today I will make an exception for Mr. Phillip Phillips, who quite possibly made the worst move in American Idol history. Allow me to explain. After Phillip Phillips’ performance, the judges commented on his grey-on-grey attire. Steven Tyler attempted to help him out by generously giving him his own scarf. So what did Phillips do with this valued possession? He threw it back into the audience to a group of screaming chicks! Excuse me!??? Doesn’t your father own a pawn shop!!!! The scarf belonged to Steven Tyler! He’s only one of the biggest legends in the history of music. He should have sold it and pocketed the money!! Who knows how long this American Idol fame will last?

5 thoughts on “Phillip Phillips Throws Away Steven Tyler’s Scarf — NO!!!!!”

  1. That literally made me scream Noooooooooooooooooo, is he crazy?  Hopefully, whoever caught the scarf will treasure it.   I know I would.  So rude to ST.

      1. Its Ryan’s fault he put Phillip on the spot…on the show it was clear…Ryan said throw it Phillip laughed it off and hesitated because toy could tell he wanted it then Ryan opened his stupid trap again and encouraged him to throw it so he did. Poor Phillip hopefully Steven Tyler will give him another one afterwards or something…or maybe the producers will make the girl that caught it give it back…if I were Phillip I would be telling them I want it back for sure.

  2. With scarf or without, he has a great personality and talent.  Why don’t you just watch and enjoy and probably learn that he is making it to AI because of his lovely personality and exuding talent.

  3. if u  watch it again, phillip actually hesitated a couple of times and then asked steven if it was ok for him to throw the scarf and steven was like yeah sure,, so no, he wasnt being rude to steven. he doesnt care about the girls screaming for him IMO

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