Paul McCartney Debuts “My Valentine” Video — Beautiful

I never take for granted that we still have a living Beatle who is producing great music. And in addition to his great music, he’s also adept enough at today’s generation to know how to produce a great music video, and to know how to promote it in a way that garners the attention it deserves. In fact, a large part of that is owed to his daughter, Stella McCartney, who hosted a premiere of his “My Valentine” video at her Stella McCartney boutique. When asked about the idea for the video, McCartney said:

“I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do the big, million dollar music video thing. Stella suggested that I do something really simple. ‘You know Natalie,’ she said. ‘Ring Natalie up and just ask her if she will sign to your song.‘ She agreed and then I realized that I needed [another person] so I asked Johnny and he was kind enough to agree to do it. A week after Stella had mentioned the idea, I was back here in L.A. filming it with the great cinematographer Wally Pfister [Inception, The Dark Knight]. […] Also, I must just point out also that Johnny is really playing the guitar solo. That’s him playing. The boy is good.”

Thank you, Paul for showing that music can still be simple and beautiful. Watch the video below.

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