Sharon Osbourne on Simon Cowell: “He Has Small Penis Syndrome”

You can call Sharon Osbourne a lot of things, but you can’t call her dishonest. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, which is refreshing in an industry where everyone bites their tongue. Her recent celebrity feud involves Simon Cowell, who Osbourne is angry at for bringing her name into his auto-biography, and for implying that she left X Factor because of Simon’s romantic relationship with Dannii Minogue. According to Osbourne, she left simply because she didn’t like living in England and she certainly didn’t like Minogue. The interesting thing about Osbourne’s attack on Cowell is that she still works for his show, America’s Got Talent. Translation? She some serious chutzpah (also know as “f*ck-you money”). Watch her address what she believes to be Cowell’s “small penis syndrome” and take a note of Julie Chen’s hilarious reaction.

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