SNL Does “The Californians” — Excellence!

My favorite part of Saturday Night Live’s “The Californians” skit was the very obvious effort for the performers to stay in character. I’m told that Lorne Michaels becomes insanely angry when his performers laugh during their skits, which makes it even funnier to watch. Also, after living in California for a few years, I was shocked at its accuracy. We’ve all been to the party where all anyone discusses is Los Angeles traffic, and we’ve also all encountered a brain-dead-nutjob. Watch below.

One thought on “SNL Does “The Californians” — Excellence!”

  1. That is a great clip. I just watched this episode of SNL in the free section of with one of my coworkers from DISH. We were both cracking up during this Californians sketch. The writing was pretty lame although I am sure we all know someone from California with a strange obsession with highways. It was the fact that everyone was trying so hard to stay in character that made it funny. I think it was the best moment of the whole show. Now that you have said that Lorne Michaels gets upset when cast members crack up like that it makes it so much funnier.

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