Phillip Phillips on “Home” — “It’s Not My Single”

I just played Phillip Phillips’ new single, “Home” for a close friend who said, “Hasn’t the same guy won American Idol five years in a row?” I scratched my head for a moment and then thought, “Oh my God! She’s right!” America keeps choosing the sweet white boy with a guitar, and they have all faded off into never-never land (see Kris Allen, David Cook, and Lee Dewyze). So what’s the explanation for their post-Idol struggle? My guess is that it’s their desire to write their own music, despite having failed at that prior to their appearance on the show. They get on the show and think, “That’s the reason I didn’t make it with my original material. It’s because I just didn’t have enough exposure.” And they are usually wrong. As for Phillip Phillips, I was shocked last night when he performed the Drew Pearson track, “Home.” It represented today’s current music, and for the first time ever — American Idol didn’t feel dated. But my happiness is short-lived, because Phillips doesn’t agree. In fact, he wanted to perform his own music, but there just wasn’t enough time. When asked about the track, he said, “It’s a very good song and a great writer . . . [but] I’m excited to do my own stuff.” Watch below.

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