John Mayer in Rolling Stone — Relates to Kanye West



I just sat down to read John Mayer’s very intriguing interview in Rolling Stone, and there was one particular exchange I had to share. In the midst of Mayer’s emotional lament about the public backlash he received during his media-madness tour, I found the gem below. Enjoy.

John Mayer: “People don’t understand — when you screw up, and you feel that wave of energy of a million people saying, ‘Shame on you’ — 20 minutes on that grill is enough to change your life. The body is not equipped to handle negative energy from so many people. What’s that Kanye West line? ‘There’s a thousand yous, there’s only one of me?’ I think about that a lot.”

Josh Eells, Rolling Stone: “I’m not sure that’s what Kanye meant by that lyric.”

John Mayer: “It’s not. But that’s the great thing about lyrics: You can take them how you want.”

Josh Eells, Rolling Stone: “Yeah, but that one is Kanye saying to a girl, ‘How can you refuse to sleep with me, there’s a thousand girls like you but only one Kanye West?'”

John Mayer: “Well, now he has me to thank. Because I just made it deeper.”

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