Jeff Daniels Attacked Aaron Sorkin to Land His Newsroom Role? — I Call Bull Shit

Here at The Dishmaster, I read a lot of interviews, and every so often a story is just ridiculous enough to sound off my red-flag alarm. Today’s story in question involves ‘The Newsroom’ star Jeff Daniels, and how he landed his coveted new role. When asked how he convinced writer Aaron Sorkin that he could shed his nice-guy persona for a mean guy role, Daniels said:

“I had to have a meeting with [Aaron Sorkin] at a hotel here in New York to convince him that I could be angry and I tried, you know, raising my voice, being rude to the waiter and I tried all these different things and I could tell he wasn’t buying it. So at some point, I just said, ‘Aaron’ and I reached across and I placed my hand on his head… I”m gonna do this to Jimmy and it’s not going to hurt. I promise. And I took Aaron’s head and I slammed it down into the table and he bounced back up and then I had the role!”

In short, there’s no way that happened.

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