Mad Men’s January Jones Talks to Mom.Me

Photo Courtesy of GQ Magazine
Since celebrities shockingly made the baby craze cool, I’ve posted excerpts from Mad Men’s January Jones interview with Mom.Me about her new role as a mother. Read the entire interview here. And yes, I’m aware that this picture is inappropriate for the story, but they didn’t send me an image, and I have a thing for women’s breasts. What can I say?

On advice for working moms:

I think that as hard as it is, that if you have something that you love outside of being a mother, you should definitely maintain it, because it makes you a better mother.

On how being a mother changed her opinion of her character, Betty Draper:

I try not to judge her. It’s like she’s a relative you are embarrassed about. I disagree with her a lot … I don’t think I’d be her friend, but I defend her fiercely when someone says something about her.

On Betty Draper’s influence on her as a mom:

Well, I certainly don’t take anything from Betty home. I have nothing in common with her when it comes mothering. I don’t see it as a burden or irritation. I feel very lucky and I feel like it was something that I was meant to do. I’m at the right age and the right time in my life where it’s just so much fun. And I don’t think Betty sees the fun in that … I think she sees it as an inconvenience.

On playing a mom from a different era:

At the same time we are so rigid and so worried about every little thing now. I had no idea how many warning labels are on kid’s stuff. Everything is warning, warning, warning. You just kind of do the best you can.

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