The Saturday Evening Post Interviews ‘Mad Men’ Cast

MAD MEN SATURDAY EVENING POSTThe Saturday Evening Post sat down with series creator Matt Weiner, Jon Hamm and five other key cast members to celebrate the final season of Mad Men. Below are some excerpts from the piece.

John Hamm on Don Draper

“Don Draper is a guy that looks good in all appearances and yet is essentially a disaster.”

January Jones (Betty) on fans’ reactions to her character

“People come up to me, and they straight up say that they dislike me.”

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell) on his wildest post-fame purchase

“The wildest thing I’ve bought is a Japanese toilet, a Toto, a fancy and expensive toilet … The Ferrari of toilets.”

John Slattery (Roger Sterling) on seeing his audition tape recently

“You watch yourself on the audition tape and flashback, ‘Oh my God, I started out and my kid was six years old, and he’s in high school now.’ You change, especially physically. I feel like I’m 100 years older than when we started.”

Elizabeth Moss (Peggy Olson) on character judgments
“The only time I heard a problem was people questioning my character’s choices in dating. Which I have in real life as well. But I’m always like, ‘Really? You never made a mistake in who you dated?’ And that’s Peggy’s story. She keeps making her mistakes over and over unfortunately.”

Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris) on the new attention focused on her
“I’ve had days of anxiety or panic about being looked at or being talked about, and that’s made me just want to stay home.”

Executive Producer and series creator Matt Weiner on fans’ investment in the show
“It’s been an education for me to realize that what a lot of people find entertaining is feeling superior to the activity that’s going on on the screen. They want to have their values reaffirmed; they want to have this sort of narcissistic gratification of ‘I know what’s going to happen.’ ‘I know how this world is going to work out.’ Or, ‘Thank God I’m not like that.’”

Hamm on the secret to the show’s success
“There are so many variables. At any point in the development of the show, somebody could have made a decision that ruined it. They could have put a flaw in it and magnified over time, but it didn’t happen. Instead, everybody made the right decisions, because everybody is in it for the right reasons.”

Mad Men’s January Jones Talks to Mom.Me

Photo Courtesy of GQ Magazine
Since celebrities shockingly made the baby craze cool, I’ve posted excerpts from Mad Men’s January Jones interview with Mom.Me about her new role as a mother. Read the entire interview here. And yes, I’m aware that this picture is inappropriate for the story, but they didn’t send me an image, and I have a thing for women’s breasts. What can I say?

On advice for working moms:

I think that as hard as it is, that if you have something that you love outside of being a mother, you should definitely maintain it, because it makes you a better mother.

On how being a mother changed her opinion of her character, Betty Draper:

I try not to judge her. It’s like she’s a relative you are embarrassed about. I disagree with her a lot … I don’t think I’d be her friend, but I defend her fiercely when someone says something about her.

On Betty Draper’s influence on her as a mom:

Well, I certainly don’t take anything from Betty home. I have nothing in common with her when it comes mothering. I don’t see it as a burden or irritation. I feel very lucky and I feel like it was something that I was meant to do. I’m at the right age and the right time in my life where it’s just so much fun. And I don’t think Betty sees the fun in that … I think she sees it as an inconvenience.

On playing a mom from a different era:

At the same time we are so rigid and so worried about every little thing now. I had no idea how many warning labels are on kid’s stuff. Everything is warning, warning, warning. You just kind of do the best you can.

Elisabeth Moss Insults Ex-Husband Fred Armisen & Eight Month Marriage — Ouch!

The next time I want to insult an ex-boyfriend, I’m calling Elisabeth Moss for a fresh zinger. When the Mad Men star was asked about her eight month marriage to Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen, she quoted her friend, saying, “‘He’s so great at doing impersonations. But the greatest impersonation he does is that of a normal person.’ To me, that sums it up.”  That’s just such a brilliant and cutting quote. When they split up after eight months, I thought, “What could you learn in such a short period of time that you didn’t already know?” But her comment certainly answers that question.



Christina Hendricks Posed For Playboy — She Wasn’t Naked — No Scandal

There’s a lot of buzz on the internet about Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks’ “Playboy past.”  Can I just say that unless she’s naked, there’s no scandal.  She’s in a bikini in a highly air-brushed and artistic photo-shoot, which is less revealing than if she was photographed by Paparazzi on the beach.  I’d also like to say that, despite the viewpoint of my highly conservative friends, Playboy is not a scandalous magazine.  There’s no longer a need to hide it under your couch cushions, and it’s certainly okay to take it to Starbucks and read it for the articles.  Isn’t it?  Perhaps that’s why I get such strange looks while I’m drinking my coffee.  To see the “scandalous” pictures, click the link below.