Mike Fleiss v. “Reality Steve”: ‘The Bachelorette’ Spoiler War

If you’re a fan of ‘The Bachelorette,’ then you know that every season of ABC’s show is met with spoilers from an internet blogger known as “Reality Steve.” It’s been the bane of ABC’s existence for years, and last year ABC received a long-awaited gift in their inbox when they discovered that Steve Carbone encouraged show contestants to violate their contract, which finally gave ABC cause to sue. They reached a settlement, but that settlement may or may not have banned Carbone from future spoilers. My guess is it didn’t, because he’s still spoiling the ending, and no one is stupid enough to so blatantly breach a contract with a big network. But according to Twitter, series creator Mike Fleiss thinks differently. Fleiss ranted about Carbone, calling him a “parasite,” and insisting that his spoilers hurt his show because, “no one wants to know who won the Super Bowl before sitting down to watch the game.” Although I understand Fleiss’ frustration, his example is sub-par. Viewers like to watch the show with knowledge of the final choice so they can look for the clues they might not have noticed otherwise. And furthermore, Mike Fleiss is a generally creepy dude that should probably stay off twitter. He likely has limited knowledge of the legal system and what would constitute a breach of contract, so in the end, he’s needlessly exposing his ignorance.

4 thoughts on “Mike Fleiss v. “Reality Steve”: ‘The Bachelorette’ Spoiler War”

  1. Fleiss might be a jerk, but RS is an ignorant, narcissitic SOB who goes through life in self-destruct mode.  There’s a reason he’s 37, can’t get a date, doesn’t seem to have friends and is really, really jealous of other men.  The comments section is the only part of his blog worth reading.  His spoiler resources are obviously drying up and he has a nasty reputation.  His writing skills are awful and it’s time for Stevie to go away!

      1. You are most definitely correct about his writing skills. I’m not sure about the venomous attack on his character, though. I am still not convinced that it actually hurts ABC to spoil the show.

  2. I was one of his many long-time readers who made the mistake of sending him an email one day to ask him a question.  I received a really nasty reply.  Then, I discovered this is the norm with him.  So, the venomous comments about his character are based on things experienced firsthand.  Not to mention the $10K in donations for his legal fees, which he asked for BEFORE admitting he lied to his readers. 

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