Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ — Record Breaking Schmaltz

I know Taylor Swift is infallible, and I realize what I’m about to say will be met with the same eye-rolls as my Tom Arnold/Roseanne post, but her new song is cringe-worthy. The lyrics are so literal, I found myself uncomfortable while listening, and the spaces involving her prosaic dialogue reminded me that early fame might have stunted her adult development. It’s time to move her music to a more mature place. But I need not apologize to Taylor Swift for this post — the song is already on it’s way to breaking records.

One thought on “Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ — Record Breaking Schmaltz”

  1. Even with the cloud of a TS fan, you are making some astute observations here.  Sometimes I am curious what it means that TS-Hunger Games-Twilight are entirely acceptable for adult professional woman.  But also maybe that curiousity is just a manifestation of me being being a bit a hater/curmudgeon

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