Nicki Minaj v. Mariah Carey — Barbara Walters Weighs In

I’m not sure why the American Idol producers picked Nicki Minaj to judge when she doesn’t get along with their heaviest hitter, and I’m also not sure why Nicki can’t have a little class and keep her mouth shut. At least Mariah Carey had someone less hot-headed speak on her behalf instead of ranting on twitter. After all, if you’re going to have someone in your corner, Barbara Walters is a great choice. Watch Walters recount her conversation with Mariah, in which Mariah alleged that Nicki threatened to shoot her. As for Nicki, she replied on twitter (true to form), saying, “Ironically no camera or mic heard the gun comment tho. Lol @ the struggle. Not even the producers believed u. Say no to violence barbz.”

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