Olivia Wilde’s Vagina Died — So Did Her Class

20121010-175228.jpgWhile I certainly understand what it’s like to have a sexual awakening after the end of a long relationship, I don’t understand publicizing it, especially when the entire world knows the identity of your ex, and your gratuitous bashing session involved very specific critiques such as, “I felt like my vagina died,” followed by chemistry comparisons to your current relationship, which involves sex akin to “Kenyan marathon runners.” It’s clear Olivia Wilde missed The Dishmaster’s memo on public decorum. The aforementioned remarks took place at ‘These Girls,’ a night of monologues hosted by Glamour. Wilde’s boyfriend, Jason Sudeikis was there, and her ex-husband, Tao Ruspoli, thankfully was not. I can only imagine Ruspoli’s pain upon not only discovering via a public forum that the woman who left him is now “wildly in love with someone else,” and has publicly announced their sexual issues. So Olivia Wilde — if you’re reading this — remember that you loved this man once. Then remember to have class.

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