Howard Stern Berates His Staff for Hurricane Sandy Absence — Lost His Mind

I’ve always known Howard Stern is nuts, and his crazy creates great content. That being said, this week’s insanity crossed the line. Stern berated his staff for their Hurricane Sandy absence, calling them undependable and scolding their work ethic. Though Stern showed up to broadcast, he found it unforgivable that his staff did not, and he even scoffed at the suggestion that they’d stay home to “protect their family,” insisting that had anything gone wrong, there’s nothing they could have done anyhow. His dedicated counterpart, Robin Quivers, even took his side, showing up each day and equally berating the staff. Though Stern proclaimed that he is “full of love” and “holds no animosity,” his subsequent comments indicated the opposite. For a guy with an excessive vacation schedule that outrages his fans, you’d think he’d be a little more understanding at the prospect of missing a show.

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