Vintage Quote of the Day — Fred Durst Bashes Christina Aguilera

“MTV didn’t have a slot for her. Britney Spears was playing. They told Christina, ‘If you do a song with Fred Durst, we’ll let you play.’ So she calls me and goes, ‘Fred, MTV won’t let me play the Video Music Awards. Will you do a song with me? Will you rap in the middle of my song?’ I was like, ‘Hell no. I’ve got an idea though. How about you do your song and I’ll come up afterward and do my own thing, a little piece off my new record. I ain’t f***ing doing no skit with you. I’ll come up, size you up and get the hell out. I’ll do it as a favor for you because you’re so worried that Britney is going to perform and you’re not’ . . . . I did it as a serious f***ing favor because she is so competitive with Britney . . . . I didn’t get a thank-you call or anything. She cried the day of the awards. She didn’t even show up for the f***ing rehearsal. I’m sitting in the hotel room with my managers the day of the rehearsals and she ain’t coming. She’s fixing her hair. So I storm into her room, going, “What the F*** are you doing?” She goes, ‘Calm down.’ I go, ‘No, F*** you I ain’t f***ing doing this damn song.’ So she starts crying hysterically, freaking out. I go, ‘OK, I’ll f***ing do it.’ I did her a f***ing favor, and all I got was a bunch of sh** from my fans were like, ‘What the F*** did you do that for?’ Afterward she was on MTV going ‘The worst thing that happened to me in 2000 was Fred Durst called me so many times I had to stop answering my phone.’ That’s bullsh*t, man. F***ing bullsh*t.” Fred Durst tells Playboy Magazine about his experience performing with Christina Aguilera at the MTV Video Music Awards at the height of the Britney Spears/Chrstina aguilera rivalry.

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