Aussie DJ’s In Hiding Over Prank Call — The Blame Brigade Must Stop

Here’s the story in a nutshell: Two Australian DJs named Mel Greig & Michael Christian pretended to be the Queen of England during a prank call to the hospital housing Kate Middleton, and the nurse transferred the call to a nurse on duty who actually disclosed personal information about Middleton’s condition, and that information was broadcast nationally. The nurse who transferred that call later committed suicide, and the DJs are being blamed for her death, with atrocious accusations such as, “her blood is on their hands.” The Daily Mail reports that one of the DJs is on the verge of a breakdown and is undergoing intensive psychological counseling.

Allow me to take a moment to point out what I think is obvious. I don’t know anything about the nurse in question, but it’s extremely unfair to blame a prank call for her death. It also undermines the depth mental illness, which is not something that comes and goes at the hands of one individual circumstance. It’s a lifetime of struggle, and this blame brigade is disgusting & reckless. As for the DJs in question, lets not pretend as if everyone on this planet has not at one point made a prank phone call, and please refrain from pointing fingers at two people who made an innocent choice that turned tragic. It is wrong, and it exposes a fundamental flaw of humanity — when things get bad, everyone wants to point fingers instead of asking the questions that need to be asked. And in pointing fingers, the tragedy only magnifies. Leave these people alone.

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