Did Beyonce Lip-Sync at the Inauguration? UH-OH!

Here’s a question: Does the world owes an apology to Ashlee Simpson? Remember the hate-parade she got following her lip-syncing melt-down on Saturday Night Live which subsequently sunk her career? Well, it appears Beyonce has joined the party, and is guilty of the same. The only difference? She didn’t get busted in the moment. In case you missed it, Beyonce lip-synced the Star-Spangled Banner at President Obama’s inauguration, and the public didn’t take kindly to it. There’s speculation as to whether she sang over a pre-recorded track, or she actually didn’t sing at all, but either way — her team has yet to respond. Watch Below.

Update: Mike Doughty, one of my favorite musicians, is certain she sang live. Read his article here: SLATE MAGAZINE

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