Mariah Carey v. Nicki Minaj — Diva Throwdown — WATCH

Nicki Minaj’s level of disrespect toward Mariah Carey on last night’s American Idol was astounding. And here’s some words of advice for Minaj. If you’re going to take digs at Mariah, perhaps you should pick topics that don’t involve her enormous success, considering you’re just a peon in comparison. Watch the clip below, and see how Minaj’s jealousy took over when someone complimented Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas” being “the best modern day Christmas song.” Minaj couldn’t handle it, saying “It sure was wasn’t it,” which led to Mariah rightly responding with, “It still IS.”

The biggest culprits here are the producers, who missed the mark in hiring Minaj after Carey. The idea was to have a gigantic star like Mariah legitimize the show, but with Minaj’s attempt to take Mariah down a peg with “has-been” commentary, it waters down that purpose. It’s a huge blunder.

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