CNN’S Candy Crowley & Poppy Harlow Under Fire — Steubenville Sympathy?

Did CNN sympathize with rapists? That’s what the internet’s abuzz about, and you can watch the video below to judge for yourself. The general complaint surrounds Candy Crowley & Poppy Harlow’s level of sympathy for the two men convicted of raping a 16 year old girl at a party. If you followed the case, the details about what actually happened to the victim and the amount of other people involved — are astoundingly disturbing. Upon receiving the verdict, one of the teenagers openly cried in court while apologizing to the victim and her family, and the other, well let’s just say he didn’t seem contrite (to say the least). I don’t have much to say, other than that CNN stepped in a pile of dog sh*t and it’s going to be tough to clean up the mess. They should have just recited the facts. Instead, they focused entirely on the perpetrators’ sentence without even mentioning the extent of their crime. Watch below.

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