Dancing With the Stars Week 4 Results Recap — Who Went Home?

When Dancing With the Stars debuted, I was certain it would be a hit. Why? Because unlike other reality competition shows of a different format, even bad dancing is fun to watch. After years of devoted fandom, I sat in the audience for last night’s results show, and the experience far exceeded my expectations. It was country night, and my southern roots (wait . . . does Florida count?) were met with extreme elation when I saw Brad Paisley and The Band Perry.

The most moving moment of the night came from Brilynn Rakes & Derek Hough, who executed a beautiful and elegant dance as part of AT&T’s spotlight performance (see below).

The evening ended with a farewell to Lisa Vanderpump, who was my personal favorite for her personality alone. And speaking of personality, I was fortunate enough to get a first-hand look at Vanderpump’s furry friend, Jiggy, who is a surprisingly well-behaved dog, making not a peep despite the ballroom’s raucous applause.

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